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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top It Off with Ellen Christine Couture Millinery's Bespoke Mini Victorian Riding Hat! Is That Lady Mary or Peachy Deegan! Mover and Shaker Ellen Christine Has Transformed the Uptown Girl into the Downton Uptown Girl!

Naturally, it is Lady Peachy, not Lady Mary because we are talking about the one on THIS side of the pond! And Lady Peachy is real, and Lady Mary is fictional....You know Peachy Deegan is obsessed with Downton Abbey, actually, obsessed is not a strong enough word, and all of the fantastic hats on it. Mover and Shaker Ellen Christine has been a total peach and she designed this bespoke top hat in perfect proportion for Peachy Deegan's head so she can top everything off right this fall!

It is absolutely stunning with a convertible veil, meaning you can snap it on when you want it on and unsnap it when you want no veil for during the day. Because this is bespoke and it's by Ellen Christine, the snaps that have the female side are in the hat itself and the male side is on the veil so they don't poke you when you are veil-less! There is a smart comb in back to keep it from flying away or falling off, and everything about this hot number screams top quality not only because it is a Top Hat, but because that is how Ellen's couture is done.

This is what it looks like inside.

Ellen tells Peachy:

This is the Mini Victorian Riding Hat, and is made of silk over a buckram frame. Hand built frame, and hand stitching throughout. We make the shape happen through manipulation, steam, and knowledge of the era.
I put the comb in so it would catch on your hair and not slide around.

Here's the smart tag and comb.

An aerial view!

And, Peachy keeps her hat pin in the back. You do know that she is an eating hat-wearer, so she needs to pin that veil up so it does not suffer any crabcake crumbs!

Just gorgeous.

This hat defines why Ellen Christine Couture Millinery is the Official Milliner of Whom You Know!

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