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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

By John-Claude Hallak of Hallak the Couture Cleaner

"Peachy is a 'Renaissance Woman' ...
Her ability to jump from food, to fashion, to the fine arts, and so much more - without missing a beat is both impressive and refreshing.  
She has an uncanny knack for identifying the finest this great city has to offer, and in the process - creating a wonderful guide to the good life.  
You can never predict what area and genre the next post will cover - but what you can predict is that it will expose or perhaps reintroduce you to something fabulous!  
I especially enjoy the care and thoughtfulness of her culinary jaunts. Her down-to-earth approach and personal/quirky way of describing those experiences really resonates.  
Thank you Peachy!"
-John-Claude Hallak, of Hallak the Couture Cleaner

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