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Monday, October 29, 2012

Canine Star Lucy Vonnegut Reports to Peachy from Rhode Island: "No electricity in Narragansett- Worse Yet, DPW closed the road so my fans can't visit! Horrors!"

"I just met Sandy. One mean blow dryer. No electricity in Narragansett. Salt, salt, salt. Everything tastes of ocean salt, so I'm just going to break out the Tequila and lemon stash. I'm so annoyed. DPW closed the road so my fans can't visit. Send in all your Halloween costume hair may be too mused for my original idea..."
-Lucy xoxo to all my fans blocked from my presence

Lucy's Debut:
Pre-makeover Lucy:
Post-makeover Lucy:
-a note from the Editor-
We highly encourage you to read all works by Norb Vonnegut during Sandy especially:

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