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Friday, October 19, 2012

Memoire Liquide's Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum Given Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation

Whom You Know is thrilled to continue our coverage of Memoire Liquide, which has two locations in the United States, Fred Segal, Santa Monica and Henri Bendel, New York City. They have partnered with Elysee Concept-which will become the first bespoke perfumery in Europe and this is a brand to watch. We love how they 
not only produce top quality, but also are committed to keeping America on Top as they are 100% made in the USA. 
We next considered: 
Fleur Liquide
Top Note: Fresh Mimosa
Middle Note: Orange Blossom, Night; Blooming Jasmine
Base Note: Sheer Musk

This is Peachy Deegan's favorite current fragrance and she is wearing it now.
The gorgeously scented Women of Whom You Know comment:

I am very particular about the scents I choose to wear. I've been wearing the same perfume for years and unfortunately it has recently been discontinued! I have been on an active search for a new scent that I can wear as a signature scent. I came across the company Mémoire Liquide fairly recently and am amazed by their perfume concept! The line started in 1984 at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA. Mémoire Liquide is known for working with their customers to create their own unique scents with their many different perfume essences and essential oils to choose from. Talk about having your own exclusive scent! Mémoire Liquide also currently has a collection of reserve edition perfumes that focus on the interplay between memory and scent. Each one smells better than the next! The Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum is by far my favorite! It has a sweet smell of orange blossoms and jasmines that smells so fresh! It is a perfume that I can wear everyday and not grow tired of, which has always been my challenge. I can't get enough of Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum and have been getting many compliments on my latest signature scent!

Have you ever breathed in a scent so beautiful that you just want to keep smelling it all day? That's the feeling I had when I first inhaled the heady aroma of Mémoire Liquide's Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum. Mémoire Liquide has long been known for creating custom perfumes to allow customers to create their own, unique scents. Sisters and co-founders Robin Coe Hutshing and Jennifer Coe Bakewell believe very strongly in the correlation between scent and memory, and wanted to allow customers to create scents that were meaningful to them. A few years ago, they set out to create ready-to-wear scents that would work the same kind of magic, that would trigger old memories and inspire new ones, and thus their Reserve Edition line was born. I recently had the pleasure of trying the Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum, and it was truly love at first sniff. Before I even knew that the scents were intended to evoke memories, I was immediately brought back to a spring night in high school, when I was walking through a hiking trail with some friends and the sweet scent of jasmine was floating through the air. It is at once flowery and warm, with notes of night blooming jasmine, orange blossom, and fresh mimosa. The scent lingers beautifully, hanging in the air and making anyone who happens to catch a whiff long for more! Although the floral scent is very prominent, there is a complexity to it that makes it much more intriguing than your average floral-based perfume. I wore it out to an event, and was overwhelmed by how many compliments I received! Women and men were stopping me all night to remark on how much they loved my perfume. And, if the beautiful scent wasn't enough, the perfume also comes beautifully packaged in a lovely box that is designed to look like a book, and can be used to store other precious goodies even after the perfume is gone. Mémoire Liquide's Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum is truly one of the most decadent, lovely perfumes I've ever encountered, and perhaps best of all is that it is produced right here in the U.S.A.!

I have never smelled any Eau de Parfum as wonderful as the Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum. This was the first product I've ever tried from Memoire Liquide. The aroma was so light it reminded me of some of my favorite things from growing up and a new favorite from today. I could smell hints of jasmine, orange blossom, and mimosa. I happened to be out to lunch with a friend and wore my new Fleur Liquide and she raved about how wonderful I smelled. She wanted to know what fragrance I was wearing. With the holidays fast approaching, I know we are scrambling around trying to figure out the perfect gift for those hard to shop for people. If you have a special woman in your life who is hard to shop for, this would make a wonderful gift. Not only did I like the appearance of the bottle, I loved the package it arrived in. I could see this being a perfect fragrance for winter and spring nights out. I can't believe I've never heard of this company before. I have been recommending them to my friends since trying the Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum!

Smelling good is priority to every woman we know, and certainly to us. The selection of the day's scent is a daily ritual. We want to leave our house feeling feminine and good. We can not wait to make Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum by Mémoire Liquide part of your ritual too because this is a secret you want to be let in on. This scent is over the moon with freshness, flowers and beauty. A fragrance you will not smell all over town ensures exclusivity. The unique notes of orange blossom and blooming jasmine are divine. The best part is Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum stays on you all day. The scent doesn't fade like so many other parfumes we have tried. You will smell just as wonderful walking in the door as you did walking out. Sold at exclusive retailers this elegant scent will have everyone asking, "what are you wearing?". Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful soft scent and feel your best all day long.

Whom You Know gives Fleur Liquide Eau de Parfum our Highest Recommendation!


Mémoire Liquide fragrance line of Bespoke and Reserve Perfumery launched in 1984 at Studio Fred Segal in Santa Monica and Henri Bendel in New York City. Mémoire Liquide consists of many fragrance bases which can be worn alone or blended together to create a unique signature scent. Bespoke Perfumery, inspired by the phenomenon of scent memory explored by Proust in the novel In Search of Lost Time; the beautiful Reserve packaging is also sure to elicit a sensory response as well.

The intertwining nature of a scent and memory and the irrefutable power of this connection is the basis of the concept that has evolved into Mémoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery. Invariably the exploration of the various scents trigger potent memories, stories are told, tears are shed, secrets are shared- and in the course of creating a simple scent, memories are made.

Inspired by Bespoke Perfumery, a unique fragrance collection of 5 truly original scents was created while using the world’s finest materials and packaging-Enter Mémoire Liquide Reserve.

This standout collection is based on the notion that memories and scents are intertwined and each fragrance is carefully designed to remember and be remembered. Housed in an intricate gilt-edged casing, you will initially fall for enticing visual theatricality, then for the completely extraordinary olfactory experience of each scent. This is not just a collection of beautiful fragrance, but of delicate keepsakes to inspire new memories and carry on the old.

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