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Friday, November 9, 2012

Salon Peachy: Led by Mover and Shaker Rodney Cutler, The Cutler Salon Hit Parade Continues with Stylist Daniela Schult!

It's no secret that The New York Landmarks Conservancy is our absolute favorite 501c3 because of their clearcut commitment to excellence in the preservation of Landmarks, and we are always admiring their work, as is every other person that stops and appreciates the beauty and history of New York. Once a year, they have a gala and this is the 4th consecutive year we've been honored to cover it.  There is only one place Peachy Deegan would consider going to get her hair blown out first and that's The Cutler Salon, which on top of the excellent job they do-is fabulously convenient in terms of location when you are going to a gala at The Plaza.  Stylist Daniela Schult, pictured with Peachy, moved here from Germany four years ago specifically to work for Rodney and at The Cutler Salon, and she did a lovely job from knowing to use volumizing shampoo and how to strategically place conditioner to blowing out all of Peachy's hair with finesse and precision.  One more time we say Cutler is the best, because they have earned it.
The Best Hair Stylist in Manhattan
Official Hair Stylist of Whom You Know:
47 West 57th Street 2nd Floor
212 308 3838
465 West Broadway
Park Avenue at the Ganesvoort 
Also in Miami in South Beach at the Ganesvoort
Rodney Cutler is a Mover and Shaker:

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