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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Terrific Takeout: Serafina Fabulous Pizza

Baby it's cold outside and it is a perfect night to order in, and if you're on the Upper East side one of the best spots is Serafina!  If you're not in this part of town, definitely go there to eat.  Escape the newfound snow!  Still to this day, the Serafina Restaurant Group still boasts more Movers and Shakers than any one brand restaurant or not, and in the many restaurants we've featured they are the only restaurant group we feature, because frankly, it is not only the pizza that is fabulous.
Vittorio is fabulous!
Fabio is fabulous!
Caroline is fabulous!
Peachy first picked Serafina back in 2009, and we are absolutely convinced they are among the best around in quality of cuisine and overall experience.
Atilla Cetin, who hails from Istanbul, is the General Manager and he's been there for two years.  He will delightfully assist you and your takeout will be ready on time, piping hot.
La Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes is luscious beyond comprehension, bringing depths of creaminess in a splendid symphony of fresh basil and halved cherry tomatoes.  Imported from Italy, the burrata accurately reflects the decadent goodness is relevant in every heavenly bite -and you must try this appetizer.  
When it comes to ordering pizza, you will be presented with a myriad of choices, all of which will be difficult to turn down when weighing your options.  Narrowing it down to a selection or two is a challenge to say the least, but what you should understand about this pizza is that it is several steps above the neighborhood pizzeria and you will fall in love with it.  The SERAFINA PIZZAs are prepared in a specially constructed oven in order to ensure a moisture-free and crispy pizza dough.  They use a special water filtering system to prepare the dough to resemble the water in Naples where we all know pizza originated.  After much consideration, Peachy Deegan just had to have the Tartufo Nero: robiola cheese, fontina cheese, truffle cheese and black truffle, and it was decadent beyond belief.  Every bite had each of these layers in tandem with each other, complementing and enhancing each to their highest level.  Not overcooked, not undercooked, the pizza at Serafina is Absolutely Fabulous.
When you see it up close, you are even more convinced how you and this pizza need to unite.
A crisp, fresh green salad is always in order for our Takeout as well, and again, at Serafina you know nothing is straightforward and ordinary-it is not only presented in a manner that will make you want to get up and dance with excitement-but also it exudes clearcut creativity and quality that set it apart.  The Porto Cervo salad is composed of lettuce, carrots, hearts of palm, avocado, corn, and the Sardinian secret dressing unique to Serafina: we'll let you in on a bit of the secret - it has a touch of dijon mustard and heavy cream that is just delicious!
Even though blizzards are upon Manhattan, your eating style should not be compromised!
Serafina Fabulous Pizza is Terrific Takeout and you shouldn't settle for less!

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