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Friday, December 14, 2012

Star Pug of the Upper East Side, Emma Grant Writes Her Letter to Santa Complete With Convincing Head Tilt! Wishbone She Knows You Are Watching Her From Heaven

Dear Santa,

It's me, Emma.  Santa, I've been really really good this year and I would like many many many toys and sweaters and shoes and dresses and, well, you get the idea. You see, I had surgery this year and I didn't do well for a while.  I had a tracheotomy, I was in the doggie ICU for 10 days. You know Santa, that's the hole in your throat so you can breathe.

My mommy was very very upset because my big sister Wishbone just went to doggie heaven right before that. She told me she's now one of your cadre of canine helpers; she was very smart my sister so she knows just what I want.

So Santa please for me.  Just to make sure.  Lots of pretty sweaters because it's cold. Lots of booties, I love shoes.  I am quite the Pug.  Now Santa, no other pets for me for now.  I have my mommy all to myself and I don’t want to share her yet.  But I could go for a ride with you on your reindeer. That would be fun.  So I am sending you my best wishes for a Merry Christmas ho ho ho ho. From me. Emma. 

Here's my best head tilt ever for the holidays.

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