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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Movers and Shakers Queried: They Tell Us Their Own 2013 New Year's Resolutions and Their 2013 Resolution for Manhattan

"My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to close the trade gap between the US and China by exporting more and more New York State wines! I’ve had some late-breaking successes in 2012 – recently shipped about 5,000 bottles of Long Island wines to Shanghai for distribution in that region! Calls for more keep coming. My New Year’s Resolution for Manhattan is to attend as many shows at Lincoln Center as possible! Making the time!"
-James SILVER, GM 
Peconic Bay Winery
Empire State Cellars
True Believer Hard Cider 

"My New Year's Resolution is to make a genuine and constant effort to 
be nice to everyone. In spite of their rude behavior. In spite of them 
running the red light. In spite of them tossing their trash on the 
sidewalk. In spite of them cutting into line. In spite of them. Be 
nice. It's a mindset.  M
y New Year's Resolution for Manhattan is to continue Ann Curry's 
plan: good deeds on a daily basis! Let's be nice to tourists! Say 
hello to your cabdriver. Take the doorman a coffee. Check in on the 
firemen. Bake cookies for your neighbors. Help city workers where you 
can, so that lines are shorter, buses are faster, trains are cleaner. 
Pick up some trash and drop it into the nearest garbage can to help 
keep the city clean. See a Broadway show. Shop in neighborhood stores.
Say hello on the street, in the elevator, in line at the bank. Help 
make Manhattan be all it can be!"
-Ellen Christine 

"My New Year's resolution for Manhattan is more city-wide appreciation for the New York Public Library so it can continue to exist as a living, usable place to absorb literature than just a place to reserve for 'fabulous parties.'" 
-Chrishaunda Lee Perez 

"My New Year's resolution is to create and perform as much as possible because my year being injured in 2012 was no fun. 
My New Year's resolution for Manhattan is to try out Aerial Arts NYC, the new circus arts studio on E. 49th St."
-Chriselle Tidrick, Artistic Director of Above and Beyond Dance 

"My New Years Resolution is t
o call someone when I am thinking about them, because I have learned over the past year that they may not be there to take that call when you finally get around to it … "
-John-Claude Hallak, 
Hallak Cleaners 

"My New Year's Resolution is my favorite quote from Gandhi: 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' Amen to that. Happy New Year!"
-Laurie Towers CEO, Physical Advantage PC 

"My new year's resolution is to jump rope for 15 minutes. 
Why: To build power.  
My new year's resolution for Bouquet is to find 5 more out-of-state wine clubs for my wines.  W
hy: Just signed with Swirl in Minnesota, and absolutely love the enthusiasm of customers who are just discovering NY wines.  
My new year's resolution for Manhattan is to erect sea walls and barriers to better protect ourselves from future Sandy's. 
Why: It's been done overseas and is necessary here."
-Lisa Donneson

“My new year's resolution is to drink the Peachy Deegan once a week because I want to exercise restraint in my drinking habits. 
My new year's resolution for Manhattan is to keep the lights on and keep the winter coats off! 
Happy new year from Niall in Dublin!"
-Niall O'Leary, 

"My New Year's resolution is to move my jewelry studio to its own location (working on it as I type). My New Years resolution for Manhattan is to return! I love Manhattan,the people, the style, the energy! A great place to be.” 
-Shannon Gilley, 

“My new year's resolution is to defy economic gloom by succeeding brilliantly! My new year's resolution for Manhattan is to embrace all things floral this spring...with beautiful chintz fabrics, the romantic revival of floral fashions and, of course, new floral repousse' sterling cuffs from Galmer. Joining the peony, cherry blossom, magnolia, iris and sunflower motifs this spring: The Romantic Rose Cuff!” 
-Carolyn O’Keefe

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