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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunkist Lil Snappers Moro Blood Oranges Highly Recommended by the Peachy's Pantry Panel-These are Peachy Deegan's Favorite from Sunkist!

Sunkist’s Lil Snapper Blood Oranges are a showstopper with their blush red interior.  
For those with kids that demand variety, Lil Snapper Blood Oranges taste and look different than the usual orange. 
Their berry-orange taste makes them a perfect source of Vitamin C in wintertime when local fresh berries are not available.  
Moro Blood oranges have a hint of berry, making them a good choice for kids that may otherwise shy away from oranges.  
I opened the three pound bag of kid sized Moro Blood Oranges and found them all to be fragrant and without blemishes. O
ne look at the flesh of these petite Moro Blood Oranges and kids will not be able to keep their hands off; one taste and they will forget that piece of candy they were thinking about. 
These oranges are manageable for small hands to peel and handle. 
I like to fill a crystal bowl with fragrant and appealing fruit as decoration and for uncomplicated snacking. Sunkist’s Lil Snappers Moro Blood Oranges are now my top choice in winter.  
Moro Blood Oranges will amp up the flavor and visual appeal of an otherwise ordinary fruit.

Have you heard about the latest trend in snacks? Healthy, sweet, juicy a

nd easy to eat. Yes, we are talking about Sunkist Lil Snappers Moro 
Blood Oranges. These kid size snacks, are perfect to fit in children's 
hands and adult hands too. They are a tasty and good treat to enjoy 
all day long. Add a Moro Lil Snapper to your breakfast, lunch or 
dinner, or enjoy anytime of the day. These little treats fit nicely 
in your lunch sack or purse, keep them on hand for an instant energy 
boost. Their orange taste packs a hint a berry, making them a unique 
and yummy fruit to shake up your average day fruit snack. Not to 
mention Moro Lil Snappers have a beautiful red color and come in a 
resealable plastic carrying bag. Share these with your classmates, 
office mates or keep them all to yourself. Sunkist, a name you can 
trust, only deliverers the best tasting and freshest fruit for you and 
your whole family.

The inherent exotic quality in a blood orange lends itself to recipe-minded Moms. Sunkist gives us a new way to approach fruit with their "Lil Snappers" packs of kid-friendly smaller fruits, and part of the delight is in the practical application. These are deep, ruby colored fruits, with a blush on their skin that denotes the delights inside each "package". Blood oranges are a favorite with chefs, and this is a great way to involve kids with meal planning. Use these juicy fruits in salads, cook them with fish, or just squeeze a bit into your tea for a new taste treat. Use the rind, use the fruit itself, and allow a moment to appreciate the gorgeous color and taste, right out of the resealable bag. The bag, by the way can live on the counter, and provide a constant source of reach-ability to children. Used in Italy and Spain, the blood orange has a shorter availability in the market, and this adds to its seasonal appeal. More fun in the hand, pretty , and super juicy: what more could a kid want?

Blood oranges are fairly new to me. I had never heard of them until about a year ago. Whenever I can get my hands on some, they don't last long. I also love being able to bring new snacks in to school for my students to try. We happen to be starting a graphing unit in math and I thought this would be a wonderful addition to our project when we graph some of our favorite new fruits we've tried recently. Of course I knew I'd have some hold outs on this wonderful orange, but as soon as they tried it, they loved them. Plus, they were easy for my students to peel, which is why I rarely bring oranges in as snacks. They have even asked when we can have more blood oranges. It will be soon!

The Lil Snappers™ citrus line of kid-sized fruit is now available as the newest member of the Sunkist® family. The launch is part of Stemilt’s Lil Snappers program to market kid-sized fruit for small hands. The convenient grab ‘n go 3 lb. citrus bags join Stemilt’s robust apple and pear lineup.

Lil Snappers come in five Sunkist citrus varieties available in the US and Canada: Navel oranges, Cara Cara navel oranges, Moro blood oranges, Minneola tangelos, and California mandarins. In addition to the new citrus offerings, Sunkist and Stemilt plan to introduce mixed-variety bags, such as Gala apples and Navel oranges, later this year.

“Kids love citrus and the introduction of the Sunkist/Lil Snappers citrus line will give them so many choices in just the right size AND in fun, convenient packaging,” said Julie DeWolf, Director of Retail Marketing at Sunkist Growers. “This launch offers our retail partners an opportunity to increase the value of their citrus portfolios and programs.” 

Sunkist and Stemilt will be driving demand at the retail level with engaging packaging and display elements. Retailers can customize their Lil Snappers program with colorful display-ready trays, pop-up quarter bins and customizable point-of-sale materials and in-store promotions.

Supporting the launch is a new Lil Snappers consumer website ( with nutrition information, kid-friendly recipes and games. Lil Snappers packaging features a QR code that takes consumers to a mobile version of the website for on-the-go product information. 

“With the launch of the Lil Snappers website, we are engaging moms and kids with creative kid-friendly recipes and sharing tools like Facebook and Pinterest,” said DeWolf. “Consumers will be able to access this content, even before making a purchase, with the QR code on each Lil Snappers bag.” 

The Lil Snappers Sunkist/Stemilt collaboration was announced last fall. The premium, kid-sized fruit is packaged in re-sealable three-pound bags that are designed to stand up in retail displays and consumers’ refrigerators for easy storage. In addition to convenience, the Lil Snappers line will offer variety as well with new citrus/apple and possibly pear combos being offered later this year. 

Both companies will maintain sales of their own products under the Lil Snappers brand, with Stemilt handling apples and pears, as well as the combo bags, and Sunkist handling oranges. The two companies will collaborate on cross-category consumer and trade promotions. 


About Sunkist 

Sunkist is a cooperative of family growers since 1893. Steadfast to its commitment to provide quality fresh fruit, Sunkist is one of the world's oldest and largest citrus marketing cooperatives, packing millions of cartons of fruit each year. Expanding its presence beyond the produce aisle, the Sunkist® brand has licensed its name to more than 700 products – ranging from vitamins to beverages - in over 55 different countries. For more information about Sunkist, visit Follow Sunkist on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Sunkist is a registered trademark of ©2013 Sunkist Growers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

About Stemilt 

Stemilt Growers is a leading tree fruit growing, packing and shipping company based in Wenatchee, Washington. Owned and operated by the Mathison family, Stemilt is the leading shipper of sweet cherries and the largest supplier of organic tree fruits in the nation. Stemilt has also demonstrated a commitment to sustainable agriculture and social responsibility since 1989, when founder Tom Mathison launched the company’s Responsible Choice program. For more information about Stemilt, visit and follow Stemilt on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. 

Add legal lines: “Sunkist is a registered trademark of Sunkist Growers, Inc. Lil Snappers is a trademark of Stemilt Growers, LLC, used under license.” 

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