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Monday, January 28, 2013

Whom You Know Celebrates Our 4th Anniversary in Manhattan with The Rita Cosby Show! From January 25, 2009 to January 25, 2013 Whom You Know Has Published Over 13,500 Posts on Everything you've ever wanted to know about anyone and anything worth knowing about! CRITIQUING MANHATTAN'S BEST IN CLASS & MOST INTERESTING! By Peachy Deegan, Editor-in-Chief

NEW YORK, NEW YORK-January 28, 2013: Whom You Know celebrated its fourth year with The Rita Cosby Show on WOR 710am in New York (click here to listen to the podcast-starting at 35:45 into this first hour).  Thank you Rita!  Since its inception on January 25, 2009, Whom You Know has published over 13,500 posts highlighted by interviews of nearly 300 Movers and Shakers who are the best in their field. Whom You Know is read in 50 countries in 30 languages each day. Over 100 columns are covered in fifteen major categories including: Movers and Shakers, Feeling and Looking Your Best, Unique to Whom You Know, Business, Cuisine and Drinks, Better Living and Travel, Manhattan Tips, Patriotism, For the Literary Set, Sports, Gadgets and Things that GO!, The Arts, Charities and Events, and I Drank the Peachy Deegan. The Peachy Deegan Cocktail is only made with American-made Star Vodka, her favorite, and it will be re-launched at her favorite Manhattan restaurants only in 2013. Friend Peachy on Facebook, Follow Peachy on Twitter, and if you love Downton Abbey as much as she does, join her Facebook group for this show. Thank you to all our readers, features and sponsors for your devoted interest over these four years and we hope you are all excited because the best is yet to come.

Whom You Know is unique in that it features brands and people by direct review only and only positive experiences are featured; negative experiences result in no publishing on the topic. Click here to see a Small Selection of Brands Featured. Whom You Know is committed to discovering and continuing coverage of the Best of Manhattan and Excellence Everywhere and its Founder and Editor-in-Chief is Peachy Deegan. Peachy Deegan is a proud graduate of Boston College and is especially enthused about the hockey and football teams in Chestnut Hill, University College Cork and Miss Porter's School. Her biography can be read on Fame Game. She has been on the committee for her Boston College reunions and is on the Boston College Wall Street Council, and served one term on the Alumnae Board of Miss Porter's.  Her media background includes experiences with CBS News in Hartford, New York and Boston, ESPN, WEEI in Boston, Eagle Action, Boston Baseball and the Associated Press.  She appeared regularly on college sports radio when she was in college at BC and in Ireland.  Ever to Excel is the motto of Boston College and it has left a lasting impression on this one graduate, who celebrates all that pursue excellence (even if they did go to Notre Dame, like our pal Regis -read his book we love him!).

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