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Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Problem solved!

I love slingback super high-heeled shoes. But sometimes wearing them is a challenge with some great slacks. The pants always creep up and when they are stuck under my heels, it drives me crazy. Constantly, I find myself shaking my leg or pulling at my pant cuff. Just dreadful. Clearly somebody else felt the same way. Even better is that they did something about it. So now go buy yourself a pair of Slingbackers. A tiny strap like creation loops a link over your heel and shoe strap to alleviate the possibility of Heel Crack. They come in two colors clear and black which are totally invisible. So strap it on and never step on your pants again!

Dressed to kill, sexy slingback heels, I'm ready for the party, that is until I take ten steps to my door and my slingbacks are slipping right off the back of my heels. Every woman has been there before and what are you to do? That it why we were so excited to try Slingbackers. Slingbackers are easy to use and solve this pesky problem once and for all. Simply slip them through your heels, around your strap and secure them through your heel once more and you are ready to hit the town. Slingbackers come in black and clear and are undetectable under clothing; every woman needs a pair in their closet.
They say that God is in the details. Then, when the details are taken care of, we can move onto more pressing things in life. For years I have been advising my bridal customers to stay away from slingback shoes. The way the hem, train, or whatever you're dragging behind you catches in that space between strap and shoe is annoying, and could lead to a very ungraceful tumble. Slingbackers to the rescue! Now, I can recommend these little items to all of our brides, and anyone else I talk to. Their configuration is perfect, and easy to "assemble": you just slide it onto your shoe, as per the graphics. No more catching of the trouser leg, or the hem of your gown. It will save many a red-carpet moment, to be sure. Brides, be aware that the see through version is perfect for white, off white, and nude shoes. And the black ones would add an additional design detail to the shoe itself, so it's all good! There's an additional "good thing", too: the Slingbackers grip your shoe, and help it be tighter, should the strap feel a little loose. It makes such a noticeable difference that's it's amazing.
The Slingback is one of those products you never really thought you would need until you try it and then you change your mind. This little invention works wonders. It keeps the straps of your sandals in place and doesn't allow for your pant leg to slip under your heel. The instructions on how to use it are simple, but I do have to admit the pictures on the package were a big help. They come in 2 colors, black and clear, so they blend into any shoe and are not noticeable. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a little extra support for your strappy shoes. The Slinkback takes care of that for you. 


As seen on Dragons’ Den, Creator, Kelley Simons, is proud to announce the official launch of Slingbackers™, the innovative solution to what Simons calls, “the dreaded heel wedge problem". 

Slingbackers™ are a sleek shoe attachment, designed to prevent pants from getting trapped between your heel and slingback style shoes. The product enables the customer to wear clothes with confidence. 
“The dreaded heel wedge problem”: The idea for Slingbackers™ came to Simons as a result of becoming constantly aggravated with her pants getting caught underneath her heel, while wearing slingback shoes. Simons surveyed 100s of women and identified this to be an annoying and surprisingly common style frustration for women everywhere. Simons took the initiative to remedy the wardrobe malfunction and created a Slingbackers™ prototype design in 2011. Since appearing on Dragons’ Den in May of 2012 with the prototype, the Slingbackers™ design has been remodeled to become a very aesthetically subtle and sleek shoe accent. This new model is available in both black and transparent, and displays the product’s discreetness and versatility, making it easy to wear Slingbackers™ with traditional style slingback shoes. The product is easily transferrable from shoe to shoe, and each set of Slingbackers™ comes with quick and simple instructions on how to properly apply them to a pair of shoes. 
Made in USA.

About Slingbackers™:
Slingbackers™ is a new, revolutionary, patent pending footwear accessory that provides the solution and barrier to the dreaded “heel wedge” problem. Fashionistas everywhere, can now wear their favorite sexy slingback shoes with confidence and have picture perfect looking jeans, pants, gowns and dresses...every time! Never catch your clothes between your heels and your slingback shoes again!

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