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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Crabbiest of them All? Peachy Deegan and the Peachy's Pantry Panel with the Highly Recommended Crab Dip Kit by Blue Crab Bay Company! Being Crabby is a Positive Experience for Us!

The Blue Crab Bay Co. Hit Parade Continues!  The Peachy's Pantry Panel raves next about the Crab Dip Kit:
I enjoy planning meals for friends but always find hors d'oeuvres challenging as they frequently require assembly just prior to serving. This Crab Dip Kit can be prepared prior to guest arrival without losing flavor or texture.  
Blue Crab Bay Co.'s Crab Dip Kit makes a perfect hors d'oeuvre for company - it is easy to keep in the pantry, a breeze to prepare and it tastes fantastic.  
This Premium Wild Crabmeat in this Crab Dip tastes as if it was freshly boiled.
The Crab Dip Kit comes with easy to follow instructions that will make even the most tentative cook look accomplished.  
If you frequently participate in pot luck dinners or impromptu get togethers, think about loading up on these Crab Dip Kits; your friends will request it time and again. 
Blue Crab Bay Co's Crab Dip Kit will become your little secret -- so luxuriously good, yet so easy.  
This elegantly seasoned crab dip has the range to accompany nutritious falafel chips or boldly flavored baked cheese pita chips.
It's party time! For the best parties, stock your cupboards and pantry with a few well-heeled suggestions. For instance: The Crab Dip Kit from Blue Crab Bay. Such an easy solution to a group of gourmet predicaments: what to serve a connoisseur for a casual appetizer. The recipe is right on the can, and what could be easier? America loves its dips, and this one will prove to be a favorite. A packet of seasonings comes in the box, with a can of meaty crab, and for the non-cooks out there, it's a snap! French bread, or your favorite crackers will be just at home with this flavorful dip. Blue Crab Bay has a raft of other recipes on their website, so it's an easy stretch of the imagination, if you want to incorporate the ingredients into an different dish. Delicious.
Who doesn't love some good crab dip? I was thrilled to try Blue Crab Bay Company's Crab Dip kit because this company is known for their great seafood products! Their Crab Dip Kit is so easy to prepare, yet tastes like restaurant quality! The box contains a can of Bay Beyond Premium Claw Crabmeat and a precisely measured amount of crab dip blend. The blend is hand mixed and is a balanced combination of parsley, celery seed, garlic, cayenne, herbs and spices. All you need to do is soften 8 ounces of cream cheese and add 4 ounces of sour cream. Then you add the Crab Dip Blend until its creamy, then gently mix in the crabmeat. I served this dip with crackers as an appetizer before dinner one night and everyone raved about this dip! They couldn't believe that I made it myself from this amazing kit!
I love crabs. I love dip. When I saw the Crab Dip Kit by Blue Crab Bay Company, I knew what I was going to have my next favorite food. This is an appetizer that I know I'll have to make for my next game night. My friends all love seafood as well, so I know this will go off without a hitch. We love to try new dips and this will be one that I think will go over huge. We have some kind of dip for each game night and this will be one that will be included. Now to decide what kind of dipping agent I want to serve with it. I can't wait!


Blue Crab Bay Co.’s Crab Dip Kit makes preparing a tasty appetizer a snap. Packaged in an attractive box perfect for gift-giving, our Crab Dip Kit contains a 6.5 ounce can of Bay Beyond® Premium Claw Crabmeat and a precisely measured amount of Crab Dip Blend. The crabmeat, responsibly harvested in Thailand by a U.S.-owned company, is among the finest shelf-stable crabmeat in the world. The Crab Dip Blend, hand-mixed at our facility in Virginia, is a balanced combination of parsley, celery seed, garlic, cayenne, herbs, and spices.

For the delicious Chesapeake Crab Dip recipe on the box, soften 8 ounces of cream, and add 4 ounces of sour cream. Then add the premeasured Crab Dip Blend, and stir until creamy. Add crabmeat and gently mix. Serve chilled with crackers. The recipe yields 2 cups.

Blue Crab Bay Co.’s story

In 1984, Pamela Barefoot had a dream: to move to Virginia’s Eastern Shore and survive with her creativity. The rural coastal peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, offered a blank canvas for entrepreneurial opportunity, inspiring Barefoot to start her own business. Driving around the back roads in 1985, she envisioned items such as spice blends for clam and crab, two seafood species prevalent in the Chesapeake.

On the table in her farmhouse kitchen, she mixed seasonings and dreamed of specialties that would embrace the flavors of the region. That canvas began filling with all sorts of possibilities, including the creation of local jobs, raising awareness of the region’s natural resources, and getting her new homeland on the map. Not long after she began, she rented space above a waterfront restaurant and immediately experienced a devastating fire. She moved her fledgling business back home. Then Hurricane Gloria hit, causing significant damage.

Undaunted by the setbacks, Barefoot became more intent on realizing her vision. In 1986, she entered a contest in a national women’s magazine and wrote: “I envision someday having a multi-faceted operation … including mail order, wholesale regional foods, corporate gifts, and a retail shop.” Her entry netted an award of $7,500 and major national publicity.

Business steadily increased, and like the blue crab of its logo, the company experienced several moltings. Barefoot’s hard work paid off. In 1999, she was named Virginia’s Small Business Person of the Year, and in 2003 the U.S. Small Business Administration tapped her as one of the nation’s Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs.

Today, her Bay Beyond Inc., a Virginia certified Small, Women & Minority Owned business enterprise, markets the Blue Crab Bay Co.® brand, which features award-winners such as Sting Ray® Bloody Mary Mixer with Ocean Clam Juice; coastal themed snacks such as Barnacles® and Dune Buggies®; seasonings; seafood dip kits; and fishnet-wrapped gift packs. Product expansions include Blue Crab Bay Co. Stoneware by Dovis Designs©, which includes kitchenware, dinnerware, and serveware with a striking hand-painted blue crab motif; Bay Beyond® gourmet shelf-stable imported crabmeat; and Inner Ocean® nautical glycerin soaps, handmade with seaweed harvested from the Shore’s pristine marshes.


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