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Monday, February 4, 2013

Movers and Shakers Queried: They Tell Us How They Will Remember Mayor Koch

"I will remember Mayor Koch because he helped end the transit strike and helped New York City come out of a huge financial crisis. He was somebody who could relate to anybody."
-Russ Cohen 
Author of The Winter Classic, The NHL's Savior, and owner of

"I will always remember Mayor Koch because he was first and foremost a champion of New York City. He loved the city, and worked hard to bring us together during difficult times. To answer his often repeated question: 'How'm I doing?', I say 'You did well, and NYC is a better place because of you.'"
-Kathryn M Deane, Author 

"I will remember Mayor Koch's vibrant, full- of -surprises, personality. The City reflected his image, and he brought joy and interest to many necessary projects. His name will always be affiliated with the city he so loved."
-Ellen Christine 

"I will always have fond memories of Mayor Koch being a true and dedicated Mayor for the people 
of NYC. He was always in the public eye and came across as a regular New Yorker and warmed 
the hearts of all.  
He was the most approachable Mayor & remained more involved and relevant to all New Yorkers. 
One morning in the late seventies at the East 77th Street subway stop I had the privilege of shaking his hand.   
He asked 'How'm I doing?'. I gave him an enthusiastic two thumbs up. 
It was an honor and a privilege to have lived in New York during his tenure and to watch his 
continuing involvement in world affairs and all that was New York.   
Mayor Koch will deeply missed."
Richard Salome,

"Mayor Koch embodied the spirit of the city. Diverse in opinion, outspoken, passionate, reflective and warm. Always a throbbing pulse in what coursed through Gotham."
-Laurie Towers CEO, Physical Advantage PC 

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