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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Peachy Picks Almond Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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Joy is a word often associated with the word Almond, however, we can assure you that the most joy emanating from anything called Almond is to be found at 12 East 22nd Street in Manhattan!  The spacious shabby chic spot successfully evokes both class and charm and it is among Peachy's newest absolute favorites.  The cuisine is American bistro, and it is to-die-for.  It achieves a stunning result with simplicity done right, and the zero empty tables speak volumes.  
Almond was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:
The extraordinary cuisine, the classy comfortable atmosphere, and the top people behind this gem     (Antonio, Eric and Jason) make Almond sail into Peachy's Picks with total flying colors.  You'll remember we also picked L & W Oyster Company which is their latest and greatest creation, and Almond is the "older sister"...and being one herself, Peachy always cheers for the older sister.
Oooh escargots we were so pleased to meet your acquaintance!  Now Peachy really loves garlic and she loves all kinds of seafood drowning in it, especially when it is in green sauce which happens to be her favorite color.  She is also a strong proponent of white, fluffy bread to dip every last drop in-that's how in love with such sauce she is.  We've had escargots before at many places, but Almond is the first place we've seen to creatively present the escargots with the aforementioned bread individually sliced on top of each smashing snail.  Every bite was as succulent and divine as you would imagine and Peachy cannot wait to go back and visit her snail friends again, as she misses them already.
Especially in the winter, Peachy loves a robust red.   The 2011 Chateau Grimard Bordeaux proved to be a top companion for the meal and we loved it.
Be aware that though these owners take their business and their cuisine with the utmost level of seriousness important in achieving the level of success they are at as restaurateurs, they are also among the most jovial and humorous we've found and that is two thumbs up.  For example, when you read the website you'll learn that Almond also celebrates childhood friendshipsI WANT YOUR SOCK, and Circus Performances (see we told you he is all about Houndstooth!)!  (Note: Be careful what you say on websites guys because we actually do know people in the circus like Mover and Shaker Paul Binder, Founder of the Big Apple Circus...and next time we have dinner with him we might say-hey Paul, do you know about the new act called Brussel Sprouts Two Ways by the guys at Almond?!)  It is nice to know personality exists in this world!!!

For days before the Almond review, Peachy was reminiscing about the fabulously creative concoction of brussels sprouts she delicately devoured at L & W.  Lucky for her, they are also at Almond!!!
Pictures do not do this dish justice.  Even if you don't like Brussels Sprouts, you will love this.  (Peachy does like them but likes them even better this way...)  Brussels Sprouts Two Ways in the style of Caesar Salad is turning up your vegetables up many levels!  The unique combination that is employed at Almond and L & W will leave diners in awe of the creative genius of Jason Weiner.  And by the way, it's his wife Almond that this restaurant is named after!
Continuing along our theme of poisson (that is fish for everyone that did not study with Mademoiselle Charton!), as an entree Peachy Deegan chose the paramount Day Boat Scallops, which are sure to make everyone's night light up with the best essences of the sea.
Resting upon tender spinach ravioli (see, another fun way to get your vegetables in at Almond!) and frolicking in cauliflower foie gras sauce and naturally toasted almonds of course, the scallops themselves shine in their own seared glory.  And last but not least, d
o not pass Go and collect $200 without trying the stellar dessert at Almond!

Peachy opted for (surprise, surprise!) the All-American choice that reminded her of apple pie-Warm Apple Struesel Tart (and the name also reminded her of our Star Strudel in Peachy's Pet Pals!  (maybe she's been to the Almond out East in Bridgehampton which is 13 years old and the original-she does love that Trumpy America in Sag Harbor...)  The flavorful tart was partying with Bourbon Ice Cream and Caramel and the result was pure bliss from fork to palate to stomach.  Last but not least you should know that those at Almond have style which counts: Owner Antonio Rappazoo was again sporting the dapper Houndstooth cap from Italy!
Our esteemed panelist adds:
I have dined at many of the best restaurants of the world so Peachy loves assigning spots that she thinks will be true stars to our reviews, and at my inaugural visit to Almond and the world of Eric, Jason and Antonio, I was amazed.  The quality of every item I tried from the first sip of the Chelsea Checkered Cab Blond Ale (a New York State Craft Beer from Chelsea Brewery) to the introductory bite of the incomparable Citrus Cured Sardines in hearts of palm, avocado, and heirloom radishes embodied the word delicious.  These were no ordinary sardines-they were exquisitely marinated in citrus.  Though the cuisine is fine dining the design is shabby chic from the toile wallpaper to the dogwood whitewashed old barn panels and it works well at Almond, which boasts an attractive timeless style.
The top cuisine really stood out when you arrive at the Charcuterie-I highly recommend the Petit Assorti, especially the duck prosciutto and the chicken liver pate.  For homemade Charcuterie, this is as good as it gets!!!
Every component was divine and the Bresaola and Heritage Pork Terrine in tandem with the other two components trump many other competitors in New York fine dining.

As a connoisseur of bistro fare, I opted for the Marinated Hangar Steak from the Steak Frites section of the menu.
I tried both the Sauce Bordelaise with Shallots and Marrow and the Au Poive sauce, which I fell in love with.  The Au Poivre was smooth and not over-peppered and truly authentic.
I wanted the steak extremely rare and it was done to perfection!  Finally, the sorbet is the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.  Grapefruit prosecco, Concord Grape (our favorite!) and Mandarin Chocolate met our palates with high levels of success.

Peachy Picks Almond!
Almond is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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