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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"What Should I Wear?" Star Upper East Side Pug Emma Grant Plans a Fashion Strategy For Her Upcoming Valentine's Day Date with Bruno Toledo, Star Upper West Side Pug

Previously on Whom You Know, Emma and Bruno had a successful first date in Central Park, but it's nearly time for date #2, Valentine's Day!  Emma is having wardrobe woes, alas. What to wear on her upcoming date with Bruno? Red is good for Valentines  Day.
She plans on impressing Bruno with her quick wit and grasp of human language. Her current literary choice? "I'll Teach my Dog a Lot Of Words" by PD Eastman.
Hmm. I have matching red boots....
Perhaps in another light? Now I'm not sure these are working for me. I wish Paul Mayer made doggie shoes. Peachy is always raving about fabulously comfortable and gorgeous they are. I know you ladies love your flats, however we pups like to stroll too!!!  And I know they are made in Spain and I think Bruno might be impressed as his family has Spanish roots.
Perhaps a multicolored head accoutrementis in order? My human read all about Ellen Christine Couture Millinery and she is going to acquire one. Did she ask ME if I wanted one? Just because I can't tie as well doesn't mean you can't help me dress for my upcoming romantic dinner with my beau Bruno. Dear readers, what's a pug to do? Love, me, Emma

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