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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whom You Know Celebrates the Latest and Greatest in Underneath it All with Mover and Shaker Susan Ledyard's Lucky Back, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! And, it is Made in the USA!!!!!!!

We can always count on our Movers and Shakers to come out with the latest and greatest in every discipline, and Mover and Shaker Susan Ledyard has got our attention! We even are on video wearing this great product, which speaks for itself:
Peachy rarely appears on video but she really love love LOVES this product.  
The truth is, Peachy is kind of on the exhausted side particularly after miles of trade shows. She's written almost 14,000 posts in just over four years, and she does slouch. A lot. She's tired! She's never had great posture anyway...Now she can fool everyone into thinking she is standing up straight with the amazing Lucky Back by Susan and Cass and Company. Susan is brilliant and not only does she make her garments absolutely useful, but also incorporates style and fashion into them unlike brands that shape but don't style.
CASS designer Susan Ledyard, creator of the first patented shaping tops and dresses CASS INVISIBELLAS®, launches her newest innovation “Lucky Back™” that supports and improves posture while extending your wardrobe and looking your best.Lucky Back™ gently pulls the shoulders back and prevents the wearer from slouching. This essential movement immediately straightens the back and places the wearer into an improved upright position. At work, play and sports we all have the tendency to lean forward creating slouching and poor posture. Increasingly more people are suffering from neck and back pain, rounded shoulders, pot belly and many other structural body issues. You can stand taller, look thinner and accentuate your top half while improving posture and preventing back ailments. In addition, Lucky Back™ can be worn as a layered sleeve accessory that extends your wardrobe under sleeveless dresses, t-shirts and short sleeve blouses. 
Lucky Back™ retails at $42 and is made in the USA with copper fabric that has been clinically proven as an anti-bacterial fabric that will protect outside clothing from stain and odor. CASS luxury shapewear is known for its seamlessly engineered, high quality performance fabric that slims, smoothes and shapes in high fashion. CASS and team have mastered performance fabrics and now are using that foundation to break into the wellness category with its newest creation of Lucky Back™. Ledyard states that by March 2013, CASS will be producing Lucky Back for men.
Ledyard has designed for Madonna and supported many actresses on the red carpet and in film including Rachel Zoe, Catherine Zeta Jones, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah and in movies: Black Swan, Steel Magnolias and covered in magazines including Oprah, Instyle, WWD, Martha Stewart, Fitness, Shape and featured on TV shows Rachel Ray, Gossip Girls and Donny Deutsch.
CASS is sold in upscale department stores and boutiques around the world including Bloomingdales, Bliss, Garnet Hill, and Kirna Zabete. Also available at

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Lucky Back and we feel lucky to know Susan! 

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