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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dachshund with Crystal Collar Tote Bag by Sparkle & Wit Recommended by Whom You Know

Strudel and Sauci, this one's for you!  Everyone loves their pets, but many in Manhattan take this adoration to levels above and beyond.  Of course your bag should match your canine, and at a towering 5'1" Peachy Deegan absolutely agrees that good things come in small packages!  A charming tote, this winner by Sparkle & Wit will not only make you proud of your exact breed of dog, but also proud to be an American as it is MADE IN THE USA.  And if you don't have a Strudel yourself, you might want to get one!  Other breeds are available as well and earlier on Whom You Know, the pug version was featured.

Sparkle & Wit Expands Product Offerings with a New Line of Eco-Printed Tote Bags and Shirts proudly Made in the USA 

Make a dazzling statement and show off your style with Sparkle & Wit rhinestone shirts and tote bags. Original crystal designs perfect for any lifestyle or occasion. Feel good knowing all products are made and assembled in the USA. Sparkle & Wit is approved to display the Made in the USA Brand logo. 

Sparkle & Wit has expanded its collection with the launch of tote bags and bamboo shirts featuring eco-friendly, water-based printing and finished with brilliant rhinestone accents. The tote bags were rolled out in 2 different series. 

The first series features 9 popular dog breeds that have crystal accented collars or outfits. Each dog is accompanied by a witty expression. The second series features beautiful watercolor flower designs. The flowers are accented with coordinating crystals and include famous quotes about flowers from authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Customers wanting more “bling” can select to add-on a double band of 190 crystals that is pressed along the top of the bag! 

Additional dog and flower designs are coming soon, along with new series for Spring and Summer. The tote bags are natural canvas, shoulder tote size and washable so they are perfect for everyday use and make great gifts. 

Sparkle & Wit's second addition to the line are printed bamboo shirts. These 70% bamboo/30% cotton blend shirts are an elegant boat neck style. The first series being rolled out features travel sketches of popular iconic landmarks in Paris, New York, & London-- The Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building and Big Ben. The black ink sketches are printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink. Each landmark is accented with clear crystals for beautiful, subtle sparkle. New printed designs for the bamboo shirts will be added for Spring and Summer. 

Sparkle & Wit Rhinestone Apparel already features original designs with all products proudly made in the USA. The Sparkle & Wit line includes fun and fabulous crystal designs perfect to wear on a night out, sporting event, supporting a cause or to show your American pride. 

All shirts and tote bags are made to order; individually pressed and feature the highest quality brilliant crystals. The collection includes rung-spun cotton women’s and junior’s shirts that are available in black or white in a variety of styles. All printing is done using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

About Sparkle & Wit 

Sparkle & Wit is a family owned and operated rhinestone apparel Company. Based in New Jersey and serving customers throughout the USA, the company has a passion for delivering excellent products and original designs made in the USA.

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