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Friday, March 15, 2013


I was so excited to find the perfect flip flop for after playing tennis. Terox has the squishiest sole that comforts the feet after a tough long match. The feeling is like walking in supportive jelly. Perfect in the cheerful aqua color. I love relaxing in them matched with my white tennis skirt at the club drinking an Arnold Palmer after the match. The fit is great and the straps do not dig in. And most importantly the thong between the toes does not rub or irritate the skin. These flip flops are also great for throwing on after the pool. A great addition for my extensive flip flop collection.
They're not kidding when they say this is what Made in America feels like! It's the gold-medal-winning kind of best you feel when you find a product that's top of the line and made at home. The fun colors are engaging and since spring is around the corner, time to think of summer footwear. There is no reason to buy lesser quality footwear overseas anymore: Hello Terox! You'll feel like you're walking on air, and why stop at just one color?  Stock up for all of your hot summer looks because you'll love these flip flops.  They have a thick sole which is perfect for long walks on the beach when you are carting it all yourself...or with your cabana boys.
Summer will be upon us and you will want to make sure your flip flops are the fabulous footwear of Terox. I took my first steps in them and my feet felt wonderful…instant foot massage! The Terox sandal is composed of a blend of elasto-polymers. Combine composition with design features of arch support and cushioning to get instant spa therapy for feet. The flip flops conform to your foot due to activation of the material of the shoe by your body temperature. These flip flops are so comfortable that I when I put them after I returned from running errands my feet felt amazingly refreshed and recharged. These flip flops are certain to become a staple of your summer wardrobe, good for land and sea. They are made in America. Do patter around in your patriotic foot gear by Terox as soon as you can.
I put the Terox flip flops on yesterday evening to begin writing my review of the product but immediately got distracted by everything else I had to do. After two hours of chores, climbing stairs, rearranging my closet and plating dinner, I realized I had them on all along. They are so comfortable, they feel like a natural extension of your foot. Unlike most flip flops, Terox's fit snugly and stay firmly in place. Terox's cushioned and textured sole gently massages the foot and softens every step. This is the perfect post-pedicure flip flop. Terox's cushioned shoe extends the foot massage experience while providing a sure footed walk home. Terox's flip flops relieve the brunt of having to stand for long periods of time, and, due to their cushioned soles, are infinitely more comfortable than Crocs.
Put a spring, and a bounce in your step with sandals by Terox. I love their slogan : "what made in america feels like", because their sandals are super comfy. The longer you wear them, the more they mold to your own footprint, so your foot is more comfortable. It's because of their "heat-activated" footbed. Walking is a delight, and these Terox want to be in water. If you're not beach bound, keep a pair in your locker at the gym, to wear in the shower. Keep a pair in your own bathroom, for when you get out of the shower. The people at Terox have a turn-around policy, as well. If you recycle your Terox sandals, they will give you a discount on your next pair. And they will either donate your old ones, or convert the materials into more shoes. How's that for planet friendly? The colors are summer ready, and they have different styles, for the man in your life, too. What a perfect present for your houseguests at the beach: their very own pair of Terox sandals, in a beach bag, already hanging in the closet. Being practical and green was never more fun! 


Terox International LLC makers of U.S. comfort footwear announced today that, since their launch on July 4, 2012, they have opened close to 500 doors in the United States (including Ron Jon Surf Shops, Fleet Feet Sports, Foot Solutions, Bealls Florida, Sportsman's Warehouse and The Flip Flop Shops among many others) and are exporting to over 20 countries. The company also announced that sell through is extraordinary particularly in warm climate locations such as Australia, South Florida, Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands. 

The Terox product line features flip flops (and will soon feature slides and z-straps) all with an anatomical design made from a lightweight, unique blend of elasto-polymers that retail at $39.95 a pair. The product not only provides exceptional cushioning, rebound and absorbs shock, but also has a noticeable propulsive "bounce back" effect. Terox is also an excellent sports recovery sandal. The material delivers unparalleled cushioning to recharge & rejuvenate the entire body. It has maximum energy absorption and return to ease joint pain after strenuous activities.

Terox's true heritage and inspiration dates back over a century to Francisco Azzarito, who was born in Italy the son of a cobbler. Although he had followed his father's trade, he yearned to build more fashionable shoes. In the Spring of 1920 he landed on Ellis Island and went on to pursue his dream to make shoes in the USA. "My Grandfather, Frank Azzarito, is truly the spirit that has moved us to rekindle the dream that America is a place where you can build footwear. Our mission is to build great footwear and to be part of restoring the American footwear Infrastructure," declared Rocco Azzarito, co-CEO of Terox International. "The easiest thing to do would have been to produce Terox sandals in Asia, but we made a decision not to go the easy route and committed the necessary investment to bring our production to America."

Terry Stillman, co-CEO of Terox International explained: "Like Frank I was also living and working in Europe, as an American expatriate, and came back to America for the opportunity to fulfill this dream. Terox International is headquartered here in Boise, Idaho and the sandals are made by the family-owned OBI plant in Buford, Georgia, the very last of its kind in the United States that can make this type of footwear. Consequently we have been able to reduced our carbon footprint, sharpen our just-in-time delivery, speed up our reaction time to the marketplace and become a part of supporting American industry and restoring American jobs."

Terox is also 100% recyclable. Consumers are encouraged to return their used Terox to participating dealers in exchange for $5 off towards the purchase of their next pair of Terox. Based on the returned footwear's condition they are designated either to be reused or to be repurposed. Repurposed Terox are donated to Soles4Souls who then repurpose this footwear to those less fortunate in the world, for whom they will still have a use and purpose. Terox footwear that are no longer in any condition to be repurposed are sent back to the factory, ground up and reused to make new footwear.

About Terox International LLC

Boise, Idaho based Terox International LLC is a maker of U.S. comfort footwear. Terox International LLC is committed to producing excellent affordable lifestyle footwear in the United States and to being a part of restoring the U.S. footwear industry, restoring American jobs and keeping our planet clean. More information is available on the Internet at and individuals can follow @TeroxFootwear.

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