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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ayala's Herbal Water Given Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation

All water is not created equally.  Some water is just better.  And we are thrilled to tell you about Ayala's Herbal Water.  We have never been so excited about water, and we drink an awful lot of it.  Not only does it taste terrific, but it also is so lightly fragrant that Peachy would even bathe in it if she were not afraid of wasting the fabulous stuff.  Ayala we can't wait to see what more you do with your product!  The Peachy's Pantry panel, which includes a doctor extraordinaire, says:
Sparkling or still, Ayala’s Herbal Water is a sure item to be kept on hand. Deliciously refreshing, each flavor is to be savored for its thirst-quenching pleasure. We love the fact that this organic product is the endeavor of a pediatrician-cook, free of calories, chemicals and sweeteners. The water source is an artesian well in Virginia. The tantalizing tastes and their accompanying subtle aromas are also beautifully packaged to complete your sensory enjoyment. Flat or sparkling, the flavor is robust. Cloves Cardamom Cinnamon is a perfect beverage for this time of year with a palate warming, cinnamon note. Lemongrass mint vanilla welcomes spring with its lightness. The sparkling waters, Ginger Lemon Peel and Lavender Mint are lightly infused with the hints of ginger and mint with undertones of lemon and lavender perfectly blended without one overpowering the other. Additional sparkling flavors are sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla and sparkling Cinnamon Orange Peel. We feel these waters are simply delicious and cannot help but wonder when a Peach flavor will be introduced to us.
If you're looking for a fresh and delicious infusion into your daily routine, look no further than Ayala's Herbal Water! The first certified organic flavored water, Ayala's Herbal Water is healthy, refreshing, and a delightful change of pace from the other beverages crowding supermarket shelves. There are six flavors of still water, and four flavors of sparkling water, so there's sure to be something for everyone. I had the pleasure of sampling four different flavors, and I found them all highly enjoyable. The Lemongrass Mint Vanilla still water was bright and energizing, with the lemongrass and spearmint flavors adding a zippiness that was balanced out by the mellow vanilla. The Cloves Cardamom Cinnamon still water was warm and comforting - featuring the spices found in chai tea, it is wonderfully complex and definitely a fresh take on water! In the sparkling variety, I tried the Ginger Lemon Peel and the Lavender Mint. As a die-hard seltzer drinker, I was thrilled to have some new flavor options available to me, and I found them a welcome break from the norm. The Ginger Lemon Peel was very invigorating, and the flavors of the ginger and lemon peel were very present, but not overwhelming - the balance was just right. And the Lavender Mint - what a unique and beautiful flavor combination! It is at once soothing and refreshing - true treat for the senses! Ayala's Herbal Water definitely gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up from this panelist! The only problem? It could be addictive! But no worries there - with no sweeteners, no preservatives, no additives, and no calories, you can drink to your heart's content, completely guilt-free!
Yes, water is the most refreshing drink after any activity or hot day in the sun. Except for maybe a really cold beer after hours of skiing or playing tennis. However, plain water can get a bit boring. So now you can have the best of both worlds. Ayala’s Herbal Water comes in a variety of great flavors. Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, Cloves Cinnamon Cardamom, Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel, Sparkling Lavender Mint and there are a couple others. Their mixologist does a great job combining herbal extracts and flavors to come up with refreshing concoctions. I love the sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel. Just heavenly with a refreshing citrus flavor followed by a flavor burst of ginger. Especially wish I had known about these when I was pregnant. I would gone through cases!
Nothing is better to quench your thirst than a tasty refreshing beverage, but as you know, us girls are always watching our waist, so make that a diet beverage. Then I think, no, diet beverages are filled with mystery ingredients and tons of unnatural things, so I always end up settling on sparkling water. That is why I was so excited to try Ayala's Herbal Water. These delicious sparkling and non- sparkling waters are certified organic, the very first flavor water to do that, oh and did I mention they are awesome? I loved the lemongrass mint vanilla water, this still water was sweet and hides a kick of spearmint, super refreshing. I also thought cloves cinnamon cardamom still water was great, such a unique flavor combination, fresh and a little spicy, perfect for when you are craving something to sip and enjoy. My favorite flavor of Ayala's Herbal Water was the ginger lemon peel sparkling water, I had to keep looking at the bottle because I could not believe something so wonderful had zero calories, as do all of Ayala's wonderful flavors. This was so refreshing with just the right amount of citrus and ginger hints, yum. I also greatly enjoyed lavender mint sparkling water, another great fresh flavor with zero calories and organic, a win all ways around. You have to try one of Ayala's Herbal Waters today and see for yourself how good zero calories can taste.

The Herbal Water story begins in the spring of 2005, in the garden of Dr. Ayala. A passionate cook, trained pediatrician, talented artist and lifelong vegetarian, Dr. Ayala has spent years exploring healthy, tasty ways to feed children and adults.

Seeking an alternative to sugar-laden and artificially flavored beverages, Dr. Ayala created her own blends of herb-infused waters that magically satisfy thirst and restore the spirit. Among her family and friends, Dr. Ayala's herbal waters became famous for their uniquely refreshing tastes and aromas.

Full of flavor yet free of calories, artificial sweeteners, and artificial chemicals, these naturally fragrant beverages evoke happy feelings, like a breeze in a sunny garden.

The growing demand for these tasty herbal waters led Dr. Ayala to bring Ayala's Herbal Water to everyone.

Ayala's Herbal Water is the first nationally available organically certified enhanced flavored water made with all organic ingredients. Each Herbal Water blend is all-natural and sets a new standard for healthy beverages: zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and zero chemical preservatives. And our water comes from an Artesian Well in Virginia.

Nothing but great taste from pure water, infused with the finest natural herbs from around the world and kept fresh in a beautiful bottle for your enjoyment.

Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water recently joined Herbal Water's still line of waters, and appeals to health enthusiasts and foodies searching for a sophisticated drink that is free of calories, and delivers on the complex flavors of culinary herbs. Available in four refreshing varieties - Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, Cinnamon Orange Peel, Lavender Mint and Ginger Lemon Peel -Ayala's Herbal Water® is the first flavored water of its kind to bring an organic herb-infused sparkling water to the dining table. Herbal Water proudly carries the USDA organic seal, and is a delicious alternative to calorie-laden beverages and plain water options currently on the market. Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water is also the perfect alcohol-free companion to food for diners seeking a wine or cocktail substitute.

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