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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bravo Berk, John and Todd! Whom You Know Highly Recommends Archer Air Superiority. Make Your Chez Peachy Smell Like Hunting Lodge, Distillery and European Sports Car!!!!

Looking for a room spray can be a difficult task when you are a man. There are tons of fragrances for every kind of sweet smelling flower you could imagine. Unfortunately, it has always been impossible to find a scent suited for a man. That is no longer the case! Archer has introduced three new manly room sprays that any man (and even women too) will be sure to love. Hunting Lodge will make any home feel like the King's Castle. Distillery has a warm and inviting scent with hints of bourbon. Finally, European Sports Car has that great worn leather smell that will be sure to excite you and your house guests! Best of all, they are all made in the USA!

Hate the smell of stale air? Love the smell of your new R8 sports car? Love the smell of a distillery? Love the smell of your family's hunting Lodge in the Adirondacks? Yes, certain smells relate to certain great memories. So forget the perfumed smells of regular air fresheners and grab a bottle from Archer. Mostly manly scents are created to instill an odor that is geared toward men. European Sports Car gives you that smell of that broken in leather, a hint of a cologne and some serious testosterone. Distillery on the other hand, transforms you into a state of sitting at an historic lounge with a big oak bar and lots and lots of bourbon being poured. And lastly the Hunting Lodge air spray, makes me thing of two things, fox hunting up in Millbrook or sipping scotch in Schumacher’s Luxe Lodge chairs up in the Adirondacks. Clever and different, Archer has filled the niche of air sprays with an out of the box kind of thinking. Great for bachelors and recently single men to create a statement of their own.

I love my home to smell nice, inviting to guests and comforting to myself. I have used various room sprays but never anything as unique as Archer Air Superiority Room Spray. They come in various scents offering something for everyone. The packing is perfect and they offer a bit of humor in their fragrance descriptions. I tried European Sports Car with hints of worn leather and subtle after shave, a very manly scent. I also sampled Hunting Lodge, my personal favorite, with hints of pine, gun powder and hearth stone, reminding me of being in a cabin in the woods. I also used Distillery, the most unique scent with charred oak and sour mash, perfect for a bourbon lover. Archer Air Room Sprays are a fun take on traditional room spray and make great housewarming gifts.


Introducing Archer Air Superiority, the first premium air freshener designed for men.

Archer Air Superiority is a high-end line of what the founders like to call “quality room spray.” It finds its inspiration from hunting lodges, bourbon barrels and 1970s Maseratis, and is housed in a boldly designed WD40 can. 

Archer is currently sold in 35+ retailers across the country, including Fred Segal, Oak New York, Mohawk General LA, and Haberdash Chicago, as well as high-end retailers in Hong Kong and Antwerp. 

In the next 12 months Archer will be launching new fragrances, as well as a dish soap and hand soap all marketed toward men.  If they are as great as these 3 sprays, we look forward to telling you more!

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