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Friday, April 26, 2013

Chez Peachy Exclusive from London: MAKE International Ltd's Keith Brymer Jones Word Range Collection Has Earned Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation - Now We Have It All, Rolling Clay with Keith!!! You Will Love the Contemporary British Porcelain!!!

Bucket Mug - happy!
Keith Brymer Jones Word Range collection Happy! Bucket Mug. If you're happy and you know it.... have a nice hot drink from this lovely piece of porcelain. The word 'happy!' is inlaid in lilac. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones.
Material: super white porcelain 
Dimensions: 10.9 cm dia x 8 cm
Volume: 380ml
Care: dishwasher and microwave safe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl at Miss Porter's School that did nothing but pottery (and field hockey, and her homework).  She did so much pottery that her parents ran out of cabinet space.  She made bowls, mugs, vases, plates, teapots and once even made the Stanley Cup as she loves hockey so much.  (Thank you Susan Reeder Moss, for fitting that in the kiln.)  She took Pottery 1, Pottery 2, Advanced Studies in Porcelain, and then retired from Pottery and did painting at Boston College and is not really artistic today aside from the photography you see on this site.  Today she is Peachy Deegan but she has not at all lost an appreciation for the art and all the hard work that goes into getting a piece of high-quality pottery done right.  We have found an exclusive line from London, by MAKE International's Keith Brymer Jones, that you absolutely need to know about as it is top quality and so simple it is en vogue.  First of all, it makes us HAPPY, as seen above.  Sometimes the word happy is a command as someone sips coffee from it...waking up is hard to do!

Keith Brymer Jones Word range collection Small Love Jug presented in an adorable gift box. A delightful way to serve milk, cream or sauce on the side. The word 'Love' is inlaid by hand in red. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones.

Adding skim milk is an essential component, and now thanks to MAKE International Ltd we do it with LOVE.  In the thousands of proposals we've seen since starting Whom You Know, we have never, ever seen one with a video as creative as this, that you MUST WATCH before reading the rest of this review:

Response by Peachy Deegan
Video of her singing not available
You know she is pretty good though since she was a Perilhette!

There's a collection starting in your flat by Keith's kiln
Hotter than that the fire in the Scottish Castle at the end of that Skyfall film
The dishes you have now are boring plus they probably don't all match
But when you get the Word Range Collection you'll see it's quite a batch

See all the things that can improve your Chez Vous
Don't underestimate the quality that will impress you

All the works of clay will impress your Park Avenue guests
And convince all that your taste is the ultimate in best

Jugs, mugs, bowls plates
Will improve everything you ate
If you just buy them
You can have it all

Your dishes now can be a pain
Especially if they're not of super white porcelain
and remember
Now we have it all
Rolling clay with Keith
Americans need his plates and bowls
And our Chez Peachy column breathes a sigh of relief

Before you got this line your cupboard was dismayed
And verbally you must agree that this line deserves creative accolades
He made these plates for us
He knows we don't frequent Ikea (eew)

We can't quell our keenness
The look is just the cleanest
Come to our tea party and play
and we can have it all
plus we'll listen to Adele

The depths of your busy lives
Will be brightened by the high fives
That friends will give you 
Cause now you have it all
Serving up on clay by Keith

...and now MAKE International Ltd and Keith, perhaps a mug that says Peachy!?!

Keith Brymer Jones Word range collection Butter dish. The perfect size to fit the standard wrapped butter. The word 'butter' is inlaid blue. Presented in a designer gift box. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones.
Material: super white porcelain
Dimensions: 10.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 9.2 cm
Care: dishwasher and microwave safe.

Another favorite piece from the collection is the butter dish.  Peachy likes to have options, and does not have only one butter.  She has the regular butter and she has the garlic butter.  This smart container works better than most butter dishes as it opens from the top.

Keith Brymer Jones Word Range collection Cheese Dome. Stylish storage for your dairy delicacies. The word 'cheese' is inlaid in blue. Presented in a designer gift box. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones.


Material: super white porcelain
Care: dishwasher and microwave safe

If you can't find a big cheese in Manhattan and we're not talking the kind you eat, we don't know where you'd find him/her.  Manhattan is full of big cheeses and this makes a perfect gift for them all.  Especially if the big cheese is you.  And if not, surely you like to eat big cheeses....and surely you do not eat the whole big cheese at once as it's another day, another cocktail dress.  Eat a little at a time, and put the rest in here, silly.

'chocolat' (chocolate) Bucket Mug

French Word range collection 'chocolat' bucket mug. The word 'chocolat', French for 'chocolate', is inlaid in brown. Designed by Keith Brymer Jones. 

Keith Brymer Jones Word range collection gift boxed pair of Chocolate Bucket Mugs. Ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect mug shape for dunking cookies and floating marshmallows on top of your hot chocolate! 


Material: super white porcelain
Dimensions: 10.9 cm dia x 8 cm
Volume: 380ml
Care: dishwasher and microwave safe

A range of 'Chocolate' mugs and cups are also available in English

Obviously, chocolate is one of the four food groups.  You need a special mug for your special chocolate...Keith and Peachy say so!

Keith Brymer Jones is a British ceramic designer and maker whose distinctive pieces have graced stylish homes for over two decades and now should enhance your Chez Peachy! He began his career entirely hand making unique domestic pieces in earthenware and porcelain, in which form and function combine to produce tactile modern ceramics durable enough for everyday use.

As a pioneer of bringing traditional materials and methods into contemporary use Keith’s work was soon appreciated by major high street and boutique retailers alike; Habitat, Heals, Conran and Barneys NY to name but a few. His unique ceramics gained a wide and loyal following in the U.K. and around the world. Keith also uses his expertise in his capacity as “Head of Design” for London-based Make International, where he designs and develops ceramic ranges including Keith Brymer Jones under the Make brand. In the past four years, Keith has created designs with celebrated designers including Neisha Crosland, Martin Wiscombe and Rachel Barker, as well as working on unique ranges for individual clients and companies such as My Cup Of Tea and Dorset Cereals. Keith continues to collaborate with other artists, designers and companies, alongside expanding his own designs and ranges within the Keith Brymer Jones brand. 

Keith’s design philosophy focuses on creating modern pieces that are bold and simple, stylish yet traditional, pleasing to the eye and useful in the modern home. His signature Word range brings together the very best of the distinctive KBJ style.

It is a classic white ware range with a twist. Each porcelain piece features a coloured (colored!) word imprinted by hand recalling retro typewriter font, while the cosy (cozy!) yet modern shapes give a country feel with urban aesthetic. Due to the huge success of the original tableware, the range has now been expanded to include a stunning and original cookware collection, fabrics and home fragrance. Although each piece stands alone as a perfect combination of form, function and beauty, the whole range together creates an outstanding collection that will bring pleasure and charm to any home.

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