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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crisp Cleaners: It's Almost May, Manhattan! Send Your Winter Wool Blazers, Tweeds, Winter Wool Coats and Everything For Subzero that's Drycleanable to HALLAK! Your Clothes Need a Spa Day Too...Hallak Makes Spring Cleaning Fun!

A beauty of the Northeast is that we have four lovely seasons.  This means four different the mind of Peachy Deegan.  She love, love, loves her clothes and would not trust them to just ANYBODY.  She can tell you the story of each and every piece she owns, and they are only going to one place for their spa day and that is HALLAK.  They are the best and we've worked with them for years.  As May starts tomorrow, it is high time to get your winter clothes cleaned and put away properly.  And now Peachy's winter clothes are completely spotless, delivered with a smile and in conditions far better than they started when they were picked up.  Peachy does live in her clothes, after all!
From the Ralph Lauren crest blazer to this tweed, both of which would be appropriately found in Ivy Style which we reviewed yesterday, these are good for both fall and winter, but not for the warm weather upcoming.  They tell us they had a fabulous time at the Hallak "spa".  (Spa is our creative word to entertain you today.  Of course they are going to the cleaner!)
 Red is one of Peachy's colors, and it seems to be a color that designers use often though we are excited to see more greens this year.  Both the red overcoat and the red velvet jacket are brilliantly clean now with buttons resewn and every last detail attended to.  You see careful notes printed out on every garment that is delivered. 
 Color options are essential for fashion!
 Hallak is a breeze to work with-email them and the van will arrive!  Your clothes will be turned around in practically no time, and Spring Cleaning becomes a pleasure when you work with the right people.  Whom You Know Gives Hallak our highest recommendation. They earn it time and time again and it is clear when you see your clean garments why the best designers in the world have worked with them for five decades! 
 For nearly fifty years, Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner has been entrusted with Manhattan’s finest wardrobes. New York’s fashion boutiques have been recommending Hallak to their loyal customers for years. They understand the importance of quality fabric care and protecting their client’s investment. While Hallak is known for their expert handling of couture and other precious items, they also make it a point to give your more casual garments the same level of attention. Their representatives are always on the look out for the hard-to-notice stains, loose seams, missing buttons, etc. You can trust Hallak Cleaners with your entire wardrobe and then some. A sample of some of their specialized services: 
Tables & Bed Linens
Suede, Leather & Furs 
Couture & Casual Wear 
Custom Interior Services 
Designer Handbag & Purse Cleaning 
Wedding Gown Preservation & Bridal Services
Expert tailoring department located at both locations.
Complimentary Pick Up and Delivery Service 6 Days a Week. 
Hallak Cleaners
1232 Second Avenue (near 65th) 
New York, NY 10065 
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick up, please feel free to email us at 

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