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Monday, April 29, 2013

MUSEUM MUSIC'S MUSIC OF OLD NEW YORK HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY WHOM YOU KNOW Commissioning Organization: Museum of the City of New York We are Thrilled to Kick Off Coverage of this Outstanding Brand! Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

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"An attractive love letter to old New York and an excellent introduction to a vital aspect of American culture" hails the American Record Guide. I agree! This terrific CD features new solo piano recordings of ragtime music and songs from turn-of-the-century New York. The CD’s back cover, a Childe Hassam work of Union Square in the rain in 1880, immediately places you in an era of cobblestone streets. Two scenes from the 1920’s of opening night, Ziegfeld Follies, and Times Square at Night help to send you into the musical glory of Olde New York. This collection from the Museum of the City of New York, includes favorite classics such as Sidewalks of New York, Give My Regards to Broadway and Take Me Out to the Ball Game, as well as tunes by New York ragtime composers that were never previously recorded. The pieces are performed by acclaimed classical and ragtime pianist, Richard Dowling, and were recorded at Steinway Hall in New York City. 

New York has long been at the heart of the music industry, and through the years, countless songs have been written in honor of New York, and countless others have been inspired by New York. And thanks to Museum Music, a company dedicated to creating musical compilations that celebrate the relationship between music, other art forms, history, ideas, and the human experience, there is a terrific CD entitled Music of Old New York. This thoughtful, carefully constructed compilation is a musical love letter to the New York of years past. The CD features popular songs published between 1894 and 1922, the first true golden age in American popular music. There are a few iconic tunes, including "Give My Regards to Broadway," and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," however, the majority of the songs, though very popular at the time they were published, have been lost to future generations. Here, for the first time, they are all brought together in one place, with beautiful solo piano recordings by pianist Richard Dowling. Created for the Museum of the City of New York, Music of Old New York is a step back in time to a hustling, bustling, turn-of-the-century New York - and what a pleasurable trip it is! A must-have for any New Yorker!

Have you ever wandered down the streets of New York and wondered what it would have been like to be in this great city at the turn of the century? Unfortunately the time machine has not yet been invented. Until then, however, you can do the next best thing! Get your hands on a copy of Music of Old New York, and pop it in your CD player. This CD is a compilation made by Museum Music for the Museum of the City of New York. It is a collection of ragtime and other songs popular in New York just over 100 years ago. Listen to "Harlem Rag," close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a completely different time. This CD will take you there! Or, listen to "Forty-Second Street Strut" as you strut down the 42nd Street of today. This CD is packed full of irresistible melodies, so you will want to listen to it over and over again.

Rag is the Music of Old New York, and if you're a fan, you'll dance your way through the entire CD. If you're not yet a fan, this cheerful selection of early 20th Century music will teach you about the neighborhoods of NY, via individual themes composed for a city coming into its own. Just after WWI, America had survived a harrowing experience, and started to shine even brighter on the home front. Ragtime began in the late 19th Century, and celebrated the influence of polyrhythms from African music. Scott Joplin was one of its grandfathers, and with his talented compositions, led the way for Jazz to explode as a lifestyle and as a genre. The pieces on this compilation are deftly played by Richard Dowling, on the somewhat honky tonk piano that lends that note of authenticity. With the Black cultural influence, Ragtime was first heard in the night clubs, and spots more conducive to raucous nightlife. But, as the sound became more and more popular,sheet music appeared in the finest homes in America, and it became a popular music found everywhere. Add it to your list, and live the life of early America, in the 20th Century, but still taking baby steps.

Whom You Know Highly Recommends Music of Old New York by Museum Music!

Commissioning Organization: Museum of the City of New York
Item Number: MM161
Music Genre: Ragtime Piano
Running Time: 61:14

This terrific CD features new solo piano recordings of ragtime music and songs from turn-of-the-century New York. Produced for the Museum of the City of New York, the CD includes old favorites such as Sidewalks of New York, Give My Regards to Broadway and Take Me Out to the Ball Game, as well as tunes by New York ragtime composers that were never previously recorded. The pieces are performed by acclaimed classical and ragtime pianist, Richard Dowling, and were recorded at Steinway Hall in New York City. 


Richard Dowling, piano

1. The Harlem Rag (3:10)

2. The Sidewalks of New York (2:22)

3. Castle House Rag (2:29)

4. Forty-Second Street Strut (2:14)

5. Steeplechase Rag (2:40)

6. That Chinatown Rag (1:43)

7. Bowery Buck (2:34)

8. That Broadway Glide (2:27)

9. That Subway Rag (1:56)

10. By the Beautiful Sea (2:23)

11. Wall Street Rag (4:54)

12. Give My Regards to Broadway (2:12) 

13. Manhattan Rag (2:07)

14. Brighton Beach Rag (1:56)

15. Ziegfeld Follies Rag (2:07)

16. The Streets of New York (2:06)

17. New York Rag (1:43)

18. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (2:29)

19. Manhattan Rag (2:24)

20. Chinatown, My Chinatown (2:09)

21. Broadway Rag (3:16)

22. The Subway Glide (2:08) 

23. The Broadway Blues (3:44)

24. New York and Coney Island Cycle March Two Step (3:21)



Who We Are. Museum Music, Inc. is an award winning multi-media company based in New York City that specializes in creating customized, state-of-the-art audio compact discs (CDs) and enhanced compact discs (ECDs) for museums and other specialized organizations.

What We Do. Museum Music partners with client institutions to develop smart, appealing, high quality and highly saleable music CDs to tie-in with featured exhibitions or celebrate permanent collections. All of our products are designed for sale in museum shops as well as in traditional gift and CD retail outlets.

Our Motivation. Art. Photography. Nature. Culture. Religion. History. Achievement. Music is a universal influence. And, Museum Music is dedicated to helping our clients reveal the power of music connected to a theme.

Our Ideas. The music behind a masterpiece. The music that awakened inspiration. The music that defines an era. The music that highlights an event. The music that accompanied social, artistic and intellectual movements. The music that identifies a personality. The music that suggests an idea. The music that cements a community. Virtually every topic invites exploration into great music!

Our Commitment to Excellence. Each CD we produce reflects an entire company’s care. Care in production. Care in design. And, most of all, care in client and consumer satisfaction. Additionally, Museum Music is a full-service company. Our team of experts includes music researchers and historians, artists, designers, writers, developers, recording technicians, licensing and legal advisors, and sales, marketing, and promotion specialists. We will collaborate closely with you on all phases of production to ensure a successful product. We are always there to help!

What Is An ECD? An ECD is primarily an audio or music CD; however, it also contains an interactive portion that functions like any CD-ROM. This interactive portion can contain anything from a tour of your museum, zoo, or organization to links to your website – right from the CD!

Proven Rewards. Custom music CDs are a proven way for an organization to expand publicity and consumer awareness, while reinforcing image and reputation. And, Museum Music CDs provide your visitors, customers and patrons with a long-lasting, enjoyable and educational gift which will remind them of your organization for years to come. Plus, sales of Museum Music CDs have proven to be a reliable, innovative, successful and cost-effective method for raising revenue.

How Do We Create A CD With Museum Music? The process is simple. First, our team of developers meets with representatives of your organization to fine tune concept ideas and outline the objectives of the project. Our researchers and music historians then compile a list of suggested tracks, in collaboration with you. Museum Music handles all music licensing and/or all production of original music required for the project. Our art department creates all design elements for the packaging and our writers working with you complete the liner notes. Once you give final approval, our production experts take over and, shortly thereafter, finished CDs are ready for shipment and sale.

How Long Does It Take? For a music CD, the production time averages 12 - 16 weeks from start to finish, depending on the size and nature of the project. But we have produced CDs in much shorter turnaround times to meet exhibit opening dates. We can design a production schedule to meet your needs and deadlines. Even on a rush basis!

Retail Support. Museum Music has strong, established relationships with many museums, museum shops, and specialty gift and CD retail outlets, including specialty retail, mail order and online vendors. We are dedicated to this market. And, we are dedicated to our clients! 

Our Clients. Our valued list of clients includes: 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Whitney Museum of American Art

Detroit Institute of Arts New York Botanical Garden

International Spy Museum Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

J. Paul Getty Center Seattle Art Museum

High Museum of Art American Museum of Natural History

Los Angeles County Museum of Art And more...

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