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Monday, April 8, 2013

Whom You Know Is Pleased to Kick Off Coverage of Maison Lejaby - Corseterie Bain Couture Depuis 1884! We Highly Recommend the Precieuse Collection in Our Inaugural Coverage ONE COLLECTION AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION SINCE 1884

Having the right undergarments is tantamount to having the right dress, smart suit, perfect coat, and every other combination of outer garment you can think of.  No one would build a house without the proper foundation in place.  No one would take on the business world and win it without a degree from a stellar college and hopefully a top prep school.  And today, we are emphasizing that no woman in the world should be putting on an outfit on top of lousy lingerie.  Life is simply too short to wear bad lingerie.  We were just singing the praises of Tom Coughlin and his gospel of being prepared and part of this is having the right foundation.  All lingerie is NOT created equally and after going to Curve twice a year for the past few years which has educated us tremendously, we are convinced that France is one of the countries to beat in this realm.
 We could not be more excited to kick off coverage of the prestigious French brand, Maison Lejaby since 1884 with the Precieuse line, which we prefer in black.  This is our first Maison Lejaby experience ever, and we can verify that it is sized correctly-as in if you think you are a small you will be a small in these briefs, and this also carries through to the bra in both cup size and number around.  Size is crucial, and so is fit which is also perfection at this brand.  The materials scream classy quality, and from the elastic to the beautiful materials engaged to craft this wildly sensational tribute to Underneath it All ecstasy, Maison Lejaby sets the standard for what underwear should be with their Precieuse line.
We love how every last detail is attended to by Maison Lejaby, and they are a brand that brings lingerie to an art form.  So who are they?  Maison Lejaby has been one of the jewels of 
French lingerie since 1884. Lejaby proved to be 
art of the avant-garde, proposing innovative 
solutions, setting new trends, yet always tuning in 
to women's needs and desires. Lejaby offers style 
and a perfect fit, making products of undisputed qu
ality with uncomparable know-how.  Hence, the
harmony found in its creations, graphic spirit, and 
audacious blends of beautiful and contrasted materials. 

Today more than ever, Lejaby embodies a true e
lixir of happiness and emotions, making women 
happy, at ease with their body and their seducing power.   We highly recommend their Precieuse line! 

Lejaby world is created out of four large collections, season after season: 

“Maison Lejaby Couture”, the only collection of 
corseterie and swimwear couture. 
Presented in its exclusive Couture Salon case, the 
Couture collection embodies French luxury,with 
its one of a kind custom made pieces, which are 
entirely handcrafted in France.The finest laces and 
embroidery give an iconic look of luxury to the 
dessus-dessous. A pleasure of exception that is unique in the world. 

“Maison Lejaby Lingerie”, high-end, chic and 
creative collection 
Stunning and refreshing, iconic lingerie brings 
flavor, pleasure and surprise, one day after 
another,with audacious contrasts of beautiful ma
terials, and as always, an unequaled fit. A lingerie 
that is as indispensable to feminine happiness as clouds of color or the brightness of crystal. 

“Maison Lejaby Plage”, chic, high-end, creative 
swimwear collection 
which embodies all of the brand's values and 
craftsmanship under the sun, by the ocean, on a boat and for all aquatic sports. 

"Maison Lejaby Elixir”, high-end, chic and 
creative collection for women in full bloom. 
Sensual voluptuousness of elegant and precious 
lingerie articles. With the promise of such a 
perfect fit, Élixir enhances the well-being and 
power of seduction for well rounded women.The indispensable icons for sensual pleasure.
For this Spring-Summer 2013 season, the refined 
palette of ivory, taupe and pastels, plays in perfect 
tune with bright lines of mischievous blue, flirtish 
red, and morning sun white.Tangy sorbet flavors 
enhance the color harmony and consistency of 
the four collections.The mastering of colors sets the tempo for the quartet of Maison Lejaby. 
With mad elegance, Lejaby Lingerie and 
swimwear collections open the saga for Spring-Summer 2013 with great panache... ONE COLLECTION AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION SINCE 1884

Constant innovation 
With women always at the heart of its focus and 
as a precursor of trends, in the 1960s, Maison 
Lejaby negotiated for the exclusivity of LYCRA® 
fibre in France. Until that time, the elastic parts of 
a bra were composed of natural gum (rubber, in 
fact), which dried out and disintegrated over time. 
LYCRA® would add its extreme lightness and du
rability to create new, optimized comfort. Com
bined with Nylon, also new on the market, the c
are of garments became easier (rapid drying, no 
ironing, etc.). Today, the selection and attention 
focused on sophisticated materials which 
LYCRA® fibre “dynamises” are major assets to Maison Lejaby’s very modern collections. 

A partner in women’s lib
The 1970s were marked by the women’s lib mo
vement. Again, Maison Lejaby was there. In res
ponse to miniskirts and the winds of freedom, the 
Maison innovated and opened up new horizons in 
the world of lingerie. The Liberty line created in 
1972 was a true revolution: a line with no rein
forcement and in six bright colors, far removed 
from the ultra-classical styles of yesteryears. In 
1977, the Mandarine line reworked scallops, until 
then used only on slips, to offer a new form of decorative, seductive décolletés. 
Creator of invisibility in corsetry, w
here lingerie often rhymes with seduction, 
Maison Lejaby takes a different stance to offer 
women a new approach to lingerie. In 1995, the 
brand launched Nuage and for the first time used 
microfiber, a material that was very new at the 
time. Nuage marked the beginning of the era of 
Invisibles and Ultra-comfortable. Season after sea-son, Nuage has become even more natural, chic, t
rendy and refined, and can be broken down 
infinitely to please women in all their daily mome
nts. In 1999, Invisible Briefs were included in 
the collection and became references in terms of c
omfort and innovation. More than 13 million 
units have already been sold and the success continues today. 

For their 2013 Spring-Summer Collection, 
Madame Colette’s couture workshops want to s
ublimate the heritage of the past via: 
- A culture of permanent creation and perfecting 
- A daring combination of materials both highly 
technical and luxurious 
- An obsessional search for the perfect fit 
- The revival of expertise in couture methods 
and craftsmanship, 100% handmade and 100% made in France 
Spring brings new life. Flowers, with reborn 
courage, peek through the snow.Robins sing a se
renade and their dances of love light up the sky.  A
fter the winter, the survival instinct takes over 
and nature, back to its essentials, becomes all the 
stronger. The same holds true for the new 
Maison Lejaby: a delicate plant breaking through 
the ice, but full of the sap that transforms buds 
into fields of flowers.The 2013 Spring-Summer 
Corsetry, Swimwear and Couture collection pays 
homage to all the “hands” - the small, modest and 
courageous flowers, that bring life to Maison 
Lejaby Couture’s new beginnings. Homage to cou
ture design. A style that is worked to perfection. A 
very precise, but light hand tracing a structured 
line. Homage to the loveliest materials, the most 
precious fabrics and the most delicate lace. Fine 
silk dressed in hand-crafted embroidery.  H
omage to the very difficult work of colour on 
silhouettes. Calligraphy in China ink.The obviousn
ess of a monochrome line. Off-whites with “toi 
et moi” and off-blacks.Then a fantastic palette of 
pastels. Couture colours: the culture of precise 
colours. Delicate, contrasted, surprising yet 
seductive hues. Homage to the Maison’s perfect 
fit. An invisible scientific approach to the anatomy 
and comfort. An art forgotten once worn. And 
that is its success – when a good fit and pleasure 
meet. When hidden stitches reveal character. 
Homage to daring corsetry that is no longer 
concealed – a veil to unveil.Apparent or conceal
ed: the art of seduction. Letting the body live free. Homage to the unique expertise of the corsetry 
seamstresses. Prodigies who tame shapes and 
matter with a firm but light hand, just like a caress. 
Homage to Madame Colette, the Studio’s direct
or, who lends her eyes, hands and voice to Cou
ture Corsetry. The writer Colette loved spring 
flowers. Colette, the concept boutique, sparkling 
with blue dots. Every spring, Madame Colette 
brings corollas to life, lovingly draping the upper 
body.Homage to eight moments in a Parisian wo
man’s life.Timeless, yet so modern.

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