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Friday, May 24, 2013

New York Notes: Jackson Pollock Jazz by Museum Music Recommended by Whom You Know Our Coverage Sponsored by Paul Mayer Attitudes

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Known for being a major player in the Abstract Expressionist movement in the art world, Jackson Pollock was undeniably an influence not only on his contemporaries, but on all future generations of artists. But what inspired Jackson Pollock? Well, if his record collection is any indication, jazz music certainly was one of his inspirations. And, thanks to Museum Music, we now have an idea of what his musical soundtrack may have sounded like. Museum Music is a terrific company that creates compilations to accompany exhibitions in museums, and their Jackson Pollock Jazz CD, created for the Jackson Pollock Retrospective at MoMA, is another example of their thoughtful and insightful work. According to Pollock's wife, Lee Krasner, Pollock thought that jazz was "the only other really creative thing happening in this country," and he would sometimes listen to jazz around the clock for days on end! For this CD, Pollock's collection of over one hundred 78s was sorted through, and Museum Music selected seventeen recordings, which they felt represented the range of Pollock's taste within the world of jazz. And what a compilation it turned out to be! With selections from Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Arty Shaw, Lionel Hampton and more, this CD provides a fantastic array of some of the best jazz to come out of the 20th century! A must-have for any Jackson Pollock fan or jazz enthusiast!

Jackson Pollock is one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century. Jazz is one of the greatest American inventions of the 20th Century. Combine the two and you have something really wonderful on your hands! Museum Music and the Museum of Modern Art have put together a compilation of the famous artist's favorite jazz songs for all of us to enjoy! Jackson Pollock Jazz is a collection of 17 jazz performances from Jackson Pollocks record library of jazz music. These songs give a feel for the music that Pollock loved to listen to, perhaps when creating his most memorable works. I will tell you Mr. Pollock had excellent taste in music. I have enjoyed listening to his favorites, and all of his favorites have become mine! This CD I just cannot keep out of my CD player!

Museum Music’s unique catalog of CDs has grown steadily each year since their debut title, Jackson Pollock Jazz, was introduced in 1999. They offer more than 70 different CD titles. All Museum Music CDs are proudly made in the USA. This CD is the extraordinary companion CD to the blockbuster Jackson Pollock Retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. A one-of-a-kind compilation, released to rave reviews, this popular title features 17 hot jazz tunes hand-picked from Jackson Pollock's own record collection by the museum's curators. A welcome addition to any jazz library, this perennial bestseller offers a dynamic example of the interplay between music and art. Contains classic performances by Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holiday and more. The music reflects Pollock’s colorful, ebullient style. It is upbeat, joyous, and will elevate your mood. I found my fingers snapping and feet tapping to tunes such as Count Basie’s famous Boogie Woogie, Louis Armstrong’s Mahogany Hall Stomp, and similar tunes. 

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is a weighty establishment, curating shows of all major artists in the 20th Century and housing some of their more prestigious works. The Jackson Pollock retrospective fostered this CD, a collaboration of his estate, and the Museum, in compiling selections of music that inspires. Mr. Pollock had a vast collection of jazz records, and they used his own collection to embody the inspiration that accompanied his paintings. In a frenzy of creativity, Mr. Pollock would go day and night, with his favorite pieces playing, as he splashed and dripped his own innovative compositions. For the art world to recognize the dynamic influence jazz held on Mr. Pollock's body of work, and to offer it co-jointly and ever after, with the retrospective, says something of note. This music, seen in the light of influence, becomes a banner, a theme, a pre-eminent ambassador of the life and times of Jackson Pollock. Available as a "souvenir", and part of Museum Music's discography, the compilation will excite and stimulate. With an overview of greats, from Louis Armstrong to Lionel Hampton, Jelly Roll Morton to Billie Holiday, the excerpts are sometimes surprising. The selections are a great accompaniment to daily life in the 21st Century, and will serve as a mental reminder of artistic achievement in the 20th.


Commissioning Organization: Museum of Modern Art

Item Number: MM101

Music Genre: Jazz (Swing, Bop)

Running Time: 50:30

Here is the extraordinary companion CD to the blockbuster Jackson Pollock Retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. A one-of-a-kind compilation, released to rave reviews, this popular title features 17 hot jazz tunes hand-picked from Jackson Pollock's own record collection by the museum's curators. A welcome addition to any jazz library, this perennial bestseller offers a dynamic example of the interplay between music and art. Contains classic performances by Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holiday and more. 


1. Jelly Roll Morton & His Hot Peppers
Beale Street Blues (3:13) 

2. Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
Lazy River (3:03)

3. Louis Armstrong & His Savoy
Ballroom Five
Mahogany Hall Stomp (3:14)

4. Count Basie & His Orchestra
One O’Clock Jump (2:57)

5. Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra
I Got a Man Crazy for Me (He’s Funny that Way) (2:38)

6. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
Delta Serenade (3:18)

7. Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
It Had To Be You (2:30)

8. Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra
When A Woman Loves A Man (2:23)

9. Duke Ellington
Solitude (3:29)

10. Fats Waller
Carolina Shout (2:14) 

11. Count Basie & His Orchestra
Boogie Woogie (3:01)

12. T-Bone Walker
I Got A Break, Baby (3:14)

13. Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
Central Avenue Breakdown (3:04)

14. Coleman Hawkins with Leonard Feather’s All Stars
Boff Boff (Mop Mop) (3:08)

15. Coleman Hawkins with Leonard Feather’s All Stars
My Ideal (3:06)

16. Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
Jack the Bellboy (2:48)

17. Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five
St. James Infirmary (3:10) 

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