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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The New Colors of Aqua and Navy Oofos Flip Flops On the Feet of Peachy Deegan Cheer on The New York Liberty!

At a towering 5'1", Peachy Deegan would not be a big help to the New York Liberty on the court. However, her feet wearing the brand new summer colors of Oofos brought the party to the game! 
Oofos are among the most comfortable footwear you can put on your feet, and they excel in flip flops.  They were first featured last fall on Whom You Know:
Now that we've been wearing them for months, we can vouch for the supreme comfort.  And, we have gotten to know the brand even better now too and feel even better about that since there are Boston College brains behind it, namely Duncan Finigan! 
“Often times you have to substitute comfort for style and vice versa. We carefully select our colors so that consumers and retailers don’t have to choose. They can experience the unparalleled comfort and benefits of OOfoam with on trend colors and styles,” explains Duncan Finigan of OOFOS. 
(for more on Duncan, see below.)
We continued to work with Oofos during the winter, and featured their clog here when it became too chilly for flip flops in New York:
The new navy and the new aqua are ideal summer colors, and it was a coincidence that their arrival in Peachy's life coincided with a New York Liberty game, but that goes to show you that the Liberty have the same great taste in colors that Oofos and Peachy do!  Also, Oofos is known to be one of the most cutting-edge athletic brands making an emergence in the footwear scene.
Men's sizes available for flip flops are 2-13 and women's sizes are 4 -15. For men's in clog sizes available are 4-10 and women's 6-12, respectively.
OOFOS is committed to their mission to Make YOO Feel Better by challenging the status quo to deliver products that make a positive impact in consumer’s lives. The proprietary impact absorbing properties of the OOfoam technology found in OOFOS reduces shock and fatigue to the body, while allowing the foot to naturally articulate to the ground when walking. The level of positive compression in the foam makes OOFOS an extremely durable product that can maintain its design properties and benefits for an extended period of time providing lasting benefits. 
Engineered by four of the world's leading footwear industry pros, OOFOS products deliver unparalleled cushioning and comfort. The OOfoam compound found in OOFOS footwear is formulated to outlast the demands of normal wear and tear, supports all arch types, is lightweight, does not mark, and does not absorb water. Learn more about OOFOS footwear and OOfoam technology at

OOFOS Company Bio


Name: Lou Panaccione
Title: Founder
Key Functional Areas Covered: Operations, Development and Sourcing
Lou Panaccione is one of the pioneers in modern day footwear product development and sourcing. Having spent 10 of his 29 years industry experience living in the Far East. Lou established Nike’s original Far East Development organization in the early 80’s and then worked as a Director of worldwide development for Nike in their Beaverton headquarters before being recruited to Reebok to head up their fast growing Research, Design and Development organization in the late 80”s. Lou moved back to Asia with his family in the early 90’s to establish Reebok’s Far East Trading office in Hong Kong and spent 4 years there managing their sourcing operations before moving back to Reebok headquarters as Senior Vice President of worldwide manufacturing for Reebok. In 2000 Lou started his own company. He then went on to merge with White Water Enterprise (WWE). While at WWE, Lou and his partners founded OOFOS.

Name: Paul Brown
Title: Founder
Key Functional Areas Covered: Overall Management, Design
Paul Brown’s 38 years of experience includes working in both Europe and the USA for International brands. Paul spent the initial 12 years of his career with Bata Shoe Company working in their UK company. During this period Paul was exposed to all different types of footwear constructions and became proficient at upper patterns in particular. Paul moved to the USA in 1982 to become the VP of Design for Reebok International. At the time Reebok was a $1 million business. During Paul’s first year he pioneered and single handedly designed Reebok’s first fitness collection with grossed revenue of $900 million in the first five years and continues to generate $450 million in Reebok classics. Paul spent most of the balance of his career with Reebok in various capacities including VP of Design, VP of two independent business groups, VP of New Business and VP of Reebok Ideation Group. Paul co founded White Water Enterprises (WWE) with Steve Liggett and Juan Diaz in 2006 to apply his talents to his own business. While at WWE Paul and his partners founded OOFOS.

Name: Juan Diaz
Title: Founder
Key Functional Areas Covered: Branding, product design and graphics
Juan Diaz is one of the industries leading footwear designers. He studied footwear design in Spain, starting in women’s fashion footwear, moved to the UK to design at British Bata, then worked at John Hlustik Marketing Design studio in London for 7 years. During this period was able to design for a great deal of international brands, including Clarks, Dunlop, Pirelli and others. Afterwards Juan worked as a freelance designer in several projects for Levi’s for Feet, Dr. Scholl and Wranglers amongst others. Juan moved to the USA to join Reebok in 1985 as a senior designer contributing with industry leading designs across many categories. During this time he also did designs for Ellesse, a Reebok subsidiary. Juan moved to Adidas America in 1993 for four years helping them with the global rebuilding of the brand. The Juan moved to Reebok in 1997 to help revitalize the brand, and also collaborated with designing products for Polo Sports, RLX and Ralph Lauren. Juan went on to co-found White Water Enterprises (WWE) with Paul Brown and Steve Liggett in 2006 to apply his talents to his own business with his good friends. While at WWE, Juan and his partners founded OOFOS.

Name: M. Duncan Finigan
Title: Brand Captain and Marketing
Key Functional Areas Covered: Brand Management and Marketing
Duncan Finigan is a fitness enthusiast and Marketing executive. Duncan joined Reebok as an intern when she was an athlete at Boston College and Reebok was a start up business. After graduating from Boston College Duncan worked for Reebok in Marketing for 19 years. During her 19 years she oversaw 9 different footwear product categories, and led major strategic brand and marketing initiatives. Duncan’s last three years at Reebok she held the position as Vice President of the Performance Division, which was a $750M business unit with a $65M marketing/promotional budget. After Reebok, Duncan joined Atsco Footwear Group as Vice President of Brands, pioneering their introduction into the branded side of footwear. Duncan went on to be the General Manager of Wholesale for the Stride Rite brand. After Stride Rite, Duncan worked as the Vice President of the Large Furniture Business Unit at Dorel Industries (the world’s largest Juvenile Products manufacturer), as well as overseeing Marketing Communications and Graphics for the entire juvenile division. In July of 2011, Duncan connected with the OOFOS founders who she had been a colleague and friend of for many years at Reebok, and joined OOFOS to lead the Brand Building and Marketing efforts.

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