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Saturday, July 6, 2013

NIGHTLIGHT: July 4, 2013 Mover and Shaker Charles Ferri, Founder & CEO of Star Vodka Hosts a Firework Spectacular to Celebrate the 237th Birthday of America! GO USA!!!!

Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Star Vodka!  Obviously!  Whom You Know celebrated Independence Day with our favorite vodka, and the person who started it.  There is nothing like sipping Star Vodka on a gorgeous summer night in Manhattan on a roofdeck watching the fireworks at eye level, and we told you you should be there!
Check out our honor roll of brands MADE IN THE USA, and thanks to Rita Cosby for keeping up with us and helping us publicize this:
Notice what brand is at the top.  It is done in chronological order for the most part.
Robert Portesy, VP of Operations of Maserati of Manhattan with CEO and Founder of Star Vodka, Charles Ferri
As the sun went down and the sky lit up, Charles was joined by sponsors Maserati of Manhattan and Eleqt, whom we were pleased to meet.  It was totally sold out and packed, which is testament to the quality of both Star Vodka and the person behind it, which we have been singing the praises of since 2009.  
On the way, we got a hot dog on the Upper East side, because that is just the kind of American fare you need on Independence Day before you drink:

 The enthusiasm everywhere for this drink of patriotism was electric:

 We were pleased to bring Chiara Spagnoli, internationally-acclaimed artist and film critic.  Though she's Italian, she was American this week.  Just look at the beautiful flag she wrote the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner on.  The words glow in the dark so you can see during the fireworks. 

 We are pleased to have converted Chiara to Star Vodka.  You know Italian people have great taste. 
Charles Ferri and Melissa Andrushko 

 Chiara and Peachy
Jeff Krauss and Charles Ferri 

Marc Seago of Eleqt and Charles Ferri

And since baby you are a firework, you know you want to see them!
Here they are, including the Grand Finale:

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