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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peachy Picks Delaware Go Fish Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Brilliant owner London native Alison Blythe, who of course is Truly British through and through!
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Imogen Lloyd Webber, Georgie Thompson and Danny Kemp, this one's for you.  Our readers clearly adore your British books 
because you are killing everyone else in traffic and we aspire to your Twitter followings. Thanks for all of the retweets and you need to GO FISH with Alison.
Well, we've never started off a dinner review by meeting the queen, and you know we cover a lot of the releases by BBC Home Entertainment...currently we loved the Royal Collection, though we could go on and on about the great releases they constantly have.  Remember how we reviewed Call the Midwife Season One?
If you are a more recent reader, surely you know about Season Two:
Well what happens to those babies after they are born?
BBC we have a new idea for you.
Start a series on what happened to the babies and here is Episode One and do mention us in the credits please.
You'll need to go to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to find Alison Blythe, who IS one of those babies.  Yes, she was born by a midwife in London in a row house.  We won't say when.  She's very young.  Alison is an authority on Fish and Chips and is a descendant of George Blythe (1570).  Alison came to America after living in Bermuda briefly and spent her entire childhood in London.
You know you are in the right place when you find the phone booth and the Queen.  
You have started off properly when you begin to imbibe Newcastle Brown Ale.  We believe we ordered the British pint which is 20oz.  Do not be a gauche American and order the 16oz once you walk in the door you are British too and you'll be treated with class and distinction like the British are known for.  Yes, the service is tops.  
The bar is well-stocked in case you want to order something different.
If there were a British Disneyworld, this is it.
The entire concept of Go Fish is spot on as we think they say (Peachy lived in London some years ago and visited it before that a few times and after a few times) and Alison has got all of the decor just right.  You do feel like you're in London and everyone in Manhattan should be crying their eyes out that the Tube (check out Peachy's bracelet), does not have a direct route from New York to Go Fish Rehoboth, but you know who does: DC2NY, highly recommended.
Almost never do we see an idea as well-thought out and executed as this.  But what do you expect?  Alison is the real deal from England and she is a stickler for detail and clearly passionate about what she does, in addition to being one of the smartest restaurant owners we've met.  Go Fish has been going strong since 2002.
We almost died of laughter when we saw the book in the waiting area Captain Peaches Takes the Delaware Beaches.  That has been there for awhile and preceded our first call to Alison.  Go Fish is one of the pages along with Go Brit, Alison's other restaurant.
The atmosphere is cordial and relaxed yet proper.  Remember this is London in Delaware.  There is nothing loud or obnoxious like you can find at some casual spots.  Everything is sparkling clean.
We began our culinary endeavor with the Ultimate Shrimp Appetizer.  At a towering 5'1" guess who is an ultimate shrimp here....
You should know that everything at Go Fish is breaded properly and is extremely fresh.  This is not yesterday's shrimp or frozen shrimp like you may see at inferior venues!  Though in decor Go Fish is casual they are extremely serious about their cuisine.  This is a meal in itself: beer-battered shrimp (terrific!), fried coconut shrimp (excellent if you like coconut) and crab-stuffed jumbo shrimp (the best!) you will absolutely devour with glee, they are that good.
Not to be ignored are the sauces: sweet chili, cocktail sauce and homemade tartar, all extremely flavorful and the right touch.
We have never had onion rings before drizzled with stout and anything drizzled in stout has got to be even better.  These beer-battered onion rings are so superb you may develop an addiction to them.
Onto the piece de resistance: The Famous Jumbo Beer-Battered Fish and Chips dinner!  Alaskan Pollack dipped in their homemade signature light and crispy batter served with tartar, lemon and house made coleslaw is simply the best.  You will not find better in America, and Peachy ought to know as she has eaten Fish and Chips in Cork, Dublin, London, and St. Andrews.  This is what they DO over there on the other side of the pond (though we have yet to find great pizza or bagels over there).  Alison and her stellar team make authentic chips and that they start out as real potatoes at the beginning of the day. They prep them to the exact shape and size as you would get in England.  Every bite is pure bliss and you will want to eat this for dinner after you are at the beach and come back and get take-out for lunch to bring it with you on the beach.  If your name is Peachy you may even want it for breakfast.
Our panelist ordered the Flounder Stuffed with Crab Imperial which rivals the best seafood venues with tablecloths we've tried.
Even the bathroom is fun at Go Fish because Alison is fun.  We can assure you there is no product or business that is great without a top owner behind it.
There are even appropriate signs in the bathroom.
The above one would be well-placed in a lot of spots in America...
Alison had a glass of wine with us at the conclusion and we don't have to tell you she greeted us when we arrived, sat us at a top table, and introduced every course to us and endured every one of Peachy's questions with a smile!  You know who asks a lot of questions when she likes something.  
Peachy could hardly eat dessert she was so full, but Alison's homemade English sticky toffee pudding is to die for.  Quite divine, this dessert will leave you you so sad when you are in New York and you can't eat it anymore.  But then you just have another good excuse to get to the beach...but please, please, please open one in Manhattan!   And move here!
Our esteemed panelist adds:
After spending a lovely day at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, what I want more than anything else for dinner is seafood. Where is the best place to get seafood? Go Fish! This British Fish and Chip Shop has the best fish and chips outside of England - hands down! And their menu has plenty of other delicious options to choose from, too. The first thing that got me interested in Go Fish! was its fun decor. The outside of the restaurant features a giant British flag and an iconic British red telephone booth. If you're lucky, you may even get to pose with the queen out front! Upon entering the restaurant, you'll feel that you've stepped across the pond into a real fish and chip shop in England. It truly is a fun and friendly atmosphere. The staff at Go Fish! makes the experience even more enjoyable. They were so welcoming. 
 After a long day in the summer sun, I started off my meal with a cold draft of Newcastle Brown Ale. It was cool and refreshing, and it really hit the spot! 
 For the appetizer course we shared both the Black & Tan Fried Onion Rings and the Ultimate Shrimp Appetizer. The onion rings were out of this world! 
 Beer-battered and drizzled with stout, they were crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The Ultimate Shrimp Appetizer is ultimately delicious. There are three types of shrimp: fried coconut, beer-battered, and crab stuffed. The platter also comes with sweet chili dipping sauce, cocktail sauce, and homemade tartar sauce. My favorite was probably the fried coconut shrimp, but the other two options did not last long on the plate either! 
 For the main course, I ordered the Flounder Stuffed with Crab Imperial. The flounder was light and flakey, and it practically melted in my mouth. The crab was flavored perfectly and really complemented the fish perfectly. The dish also came with a side of fresh steamed vegetables (the broccoli was cooked perfectly!) and seasoned rice. Of course, I still had to try the famous fish and chips! They were the best fish and chips I have ever tasted. I had no idea that fish and chips could even be so good! The Alaska pollack was fantastic and the light and crispy batter was heavenly. You could tell the chips were made from freshly peeled potatoes, and they tasted far better than any french fries that pretend to be chips at other restaurants. Even though I was ready to burst, after such a delicious meal, I had to try dessert. We shared a bit of Prince William's Groom Cake, the Beer-Battered Creamy Devon Cheesecake, and Alison's Homemade English Sticky Toffee Pudding. Each of these 
desserts was amazing! 
 Can you think of anything more decadent than fried cheesecake? 
 I had never had groom cake before, but it has now become one of my favorite desserts. It consists of layers of English rich tea biscuits and chocolate, served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. It is a real winner! The best dessert, however, is the sticky toffee pudding. People come from far and wide to taste this dessert, and now I can see why. It is absolutely delicious! I didn't care how full I was, I had to eat it all! Dinner at Go Fish! is an experience I won't forget! From the delicious food to the friendly service, you cannot go wrong. I left that night having one of the best meals of my life!
By George, we think she's got it! And once he's on solid food, we expect to see the latest prince here too.
Peachy Picks Go Fish!
Go Fish is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Oooh next time we will have to go to Go Brit.

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