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Monday, September 9, 2013

Caffe Intenso Coffee by Flavors of Lonato Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Perk Up With an Italian Cup.

The joy of dark coffee beans is something coffee lovers the world over enjoy. In a grinder, they give a rich satisfaction when the beans reveal their secrets. Deep, exotic fragrance fills the air, and by adding it to water or milk, you create a nectar of the gods. Density will depend upon your own taste. Much like an espresso blend, Lonato Del Garda's Intenso cofee bean is an instant shot of that coffee moment we all know and love. Use the Intenso on its own for full intensity. Or blend it with another bean to develop your personal signature coffee. 
In any recipe that calls for coffee, use the Intenso as your new favorite ingredient. It will be the magic in any meal, whether included in the dish, or served after a wonderful menu.

If you are a coffee lover, you must try Caffe Intenso from Flavors of Lonato Del Garda. Comprised of different blends of coffee beans selected from the best plantations around the world, Caffe Intenso is bold, rich, and savory. You can't help but have a good day if you're starting your day with Caffe Intenso. A mixture of Sidamo, Guatelmala, Antigua and Panama beans, Caffe Intenso is slightly spicy with hints of chocolate. Despite the busy morning taking place in my household, I was calm and happy as sipping on my steaming hot cup of Caffe Intenso transported me right back to my time in Italy. The Flavors of Lonato Del Garda was started by two very close friends with the intent of sharing a small part of the rich history Italian culture. Flavors of Lonato Del Garda guarantees that their products are grown, processed and shipped from Italy so you need not worry whether or not you are getting the "real deal" are! I highly recommend Flavor of Lonato Del Garda's Caffee Intenso. Whether you are a veteran coffee drinker or a newbie, this will fast become your favorite, go-to cup of coffee; I promise! Try a cup as soon as you can get your hands on those delicious will become an immediate fan!

Just like the name suggests, this is an intense coffee. What to make with an intense Italian coffee? Espresso, of course! I love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. These did not disappoint, and gave off a strong, delightful scent. I like to brew espresso each morning for a latte before work. The coffee made the perfect shot of espresso. With some steamed milk, I felt like I was drinking coffee in Italy, which makes for the perfect start to my day. It was flavorful, spicy and smelled wonderful! If you enjoy a robust coffee, whether it be espresso or regular drip, you’ll want to try this.

I happen to believe that any day that starts with a cup of Italian 
espresso is automatically better than it otherwise would have been. 
When I tore open my bag of G. Martini's Desenzano del Garda coffee 
beans, I knew it was going to be a great day. The heavenly scent of the
100% Arabica beans fills the kitchen as I scoop them into my handy 
grinder. Seconds later, I am topping off my little espresso pot with 
dark, rich grinds and I begin the torturous five minute wait for the 
coffee to percolate. For my first tasting, I chose the Caffe' Intenso, 
I was in the mood for something bold. As the steam rose around the 
rich, black liquid splashing into my demitasse, I knew I would not be 
disappointed. A small spoonful of sugar later, it's ready to try. I 
hold the cup to my nose and I am instantly transported to Florence. I 
am standing at a crowded coffee bar, while smartly dressed 
businesswomen in high heels, holding motorcycle helmets, raise their
hands and yell "Un doppio, per favore!" I close my eyes and sip the 
steaming hot, flavorful caffe'. The only word that comes to mind is 
magnifico! G. Martini's Desenzano del Garda Caffe' Intenso is the 
perfect beginning to my day. The bold and delicious flavor is any 
coffee lover's Italian fantasy.

Flavors of Lonato del Garda was started by two very dear friends, each on the opposite side of the great pond. As the world has transformed from what we know as round, separated only by distance and culture, these friends took an idea to bring a small part of Italian culture with its rich history and passion for healthy cooking to a world that is now flat. With trust and determination, this friendship over the years inspired the idea which you now see before you: “Flavors of Lonato.” Our idea, a little taste of Northern Italian fare, is represented by the finest products from the small villages exclusive to the Garda region of Italy. This region is known for the exceptional high quality of products produced by small family owned growers with over a millennium of expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation. “Flavors of Lonato” now proudly brings this rich historic culture to the US consumer for all to enjoy!

Is it possible that we have brought food down to the lowest common denominator? Much of our food is processed, pasteurized and homogenized until it becomes bland and indistinguishable. Many of us have come to accept mediocrity, telling ourselves these products are “good enough” because that’s all we have come to know. But when you’ve tasted food created from an artist’s own hands, made with patience and love, with all of it’s complexities and cultural identity intact, good enough is no longer part of our vocabulary. Great food makes life worth living, even if it is just for the sweet taste of grapes, a bite of cheese that is so good there are no words to describe it. Balsamic vinegars that have been lovingly created and aged for 25 years or a piece of freshly baked bread dipped into a fresh press olive oil. Great food brings people together to share the experience of a region, culture and the lives of those who thoughtfully grew it. Good enough can never do that, and Flavors of Lonato del Garda, Inc. (“FLG”) never accepts “good enough”. In recent years, a controversy has been arising regarding the labeling of food items as a “Product of Italy” or substandard olive oil as “Extra Virgin”. When a product is labeled as a “Product of Italy”, most people assume that this means the product was grown, processed, packaged and shipped from Italy but the product itself could have been purchased anywhere and shipped to Italy for processing. By the same token, if a label of olive oil reads “Extra Virgin” it does not mean that it has been processed and prepared according to the strict guidelines established to ensure the quality that the label implies. FLG standards guarantee that our products are grown, processed, and shipped from Italy only and that they are of the highest quality and standard because “good enough” is not good enough!

About Our Featured Product:

Italian roast coffee: Our line of Italian roast coffee is made up of different blends of coffee beans expertly selected from the best plantations around the world for their quality and flavor. They are roasted with passion using the ancient tradition of roasting the beans in small quantities to preserve and enhance their inherent flavor. Our roaster’s experience in roasting coffee dates back to 1939. We offer two mixtures – “Delicate” and “Intenso”. Our coffee is only offered in bean format in order to maintain its freshness and purity for longer periods of time. Therefore, consumers will need to grind the coffee beans on location. 


Flavors of Lonato del Garda, LLC acts as an importer and wholesaler of specialty products imported from the Garda region in Northern Italy. All of our products have either been certified as organic by the Italian government (a designation that is not easy to achieve) or have either a DOP or IGP certification. Each manufacturer is required to provide copies of certifications, safety inspections and audit results and keep a copy of a current certificate of insurance on file with our company. Our products include balsamic vinegars, balsamic vinegar creams, liquid salts, apple vinegars, flavored vinegars, Italian roast coffee and quality olive oils. More information about Flavors of Lonato can be found at

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