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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introducing Emilio Cavallini Spring/Summer 2014! Navy Tights Style 5A05-1-88 Earn Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation! Pure Luxury, Made in Italy Since 1967. We Say Navy is the New Black.

You got legs right up to your neck
You're making me a physical wreck
I'm talking to you
Hot legs, in your satin shoes...
Clearly when Rod Stewart sings Hot Legs, he's thinking of a woman wearing Emilio Cavallini.  Season after season when the sun becomes more sparse and whether it's spring, winter or fall, the most gorgeous legs on this planet are sporting the latest from the one and only Emilio Cavallini.  Peachy Deegan is proud to be a small part of this!
Flattering styles such as this elongate legs that you might wish measured taller.
Graphic artistry and fine materials MADE IN ITALY announce that pure luxury is your second skin on your legs.  Emilio Cavallini has a creative flair that holds a unique position in the world of fashion.  If legs could clap, they would at his name.  Better yet, they stand and give him and his fantastic family a standing ovation to being a hosiery legend.
The crisscross is super fun and makes Peachy feel a bit like a ballerina, even though she has the grace of a field hockey player (a winning one!)  
Shoes by Paul Mayer Attitudes-in navy- help this effect.
In the world according to Peachy Deegan, Navy is the new Black.
Navy is so sophisticated and less common.
Navy exudes class.
Emilio Cavallini tells us:
The way we look at it, Spring/summer 2014 collection is romantic and elegant. 
Flowers and laces, in pastel colors. Lilac and light blue are the background colors to a total white and dark navy look.  
Most important, it’s a young and fresh collection, with geometric socks, floral, leopard, dots and tie dye patterns.  
It’s an amusing collection with tatoo legging, stripes, optical and prits.  
As if that’s not enough, it’s also a seductive collection with sexy bodysuits and tights that draw attention to the back of the legs. 
Last but not least Emilio Cavallini Spring/Summer 2014 collection fits any woman’s lifestyle, have fun with it!
So did you think we had fun with it?  
In our journey to interview the stars of the NHL, Emilio Cavallini even matched the step and repeat.
And here's the logo that she is standing on... 

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