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Friday, September 13, 2013

NHL Peachy: Pittsburgh Penguins Captain & Star Center Sidney Crosby Talks to Whom You Know About Mario Lemieux and Tells Peachy Deegan One Thing We All Don't Know About Mario Yet Our Coverage Sponsored by Chuck Perley's Le Pescadeux Restaurant

The coolest game on earth on Twitter:

Le Pescadeux is the only restaurant in New York City that focuses on the French-Canadian culinary migration experience, from the Maritimes through Quebec and down to Louisiana, and not only does it boast one of the finest cuisines in Manhattan but also one of the best restaurateurs as well. Ooooh la la Executive Chef and Owner Chuck Perley can act, dance, sing and BOY CAN HE COOK! This talented guy of the great white way will successfully make his way into your stomach and heart the minute you meet him and visit a new shining star of Peachy's Picks: Le Pescadeux, a treasure of New York. Chuck has proven he is a total peach in both culinary talent and incomparable personality, and also note he has the energy of about a dozen other New York Chefs packed into one: him (inspired and genetically assisted by his mother who is the same.) We love it when we meet multi-talented people and it is also nice to know he is the first actor to EVER speak in a music video in 1985 in a Bon Jovi spot: "In and Out of Love". Covering every cuisine from Montreal to New Orleans, at Le Pescadeux you may feast on a terrific assortment of succulently fresh oysters, Quebec clam chowder, Cajun/Smoked meat Poutine, sauteed Prince Edward Island mussels, and Bouillabaisse Quebecoise, the best anywhere! Le Pescadeux offers a stellar selection of wines and cocktails and the decor is gorgeous featuring a painting by Maggie Mailer (daughter of Norman) and a lovely chandelier. Do not miss the Syllabub for dessert! Tell Chuck that Peachy sent you...he’s a Mover and Shaker:
90 Thompson Street
New York, New York 10012

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