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Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty Yum Thing My Locks Rock! Detangler Rocks the Best Tween Hair in the World from London to New York! Amazing New Line Certain to Have Young Girls Looking and Feeling Their Best and Earns Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

I love that this hair detangler is free from sulfates, chemicals, and other “bad stuff”. Just as great is that it works amazingly well. I have long hair and this is fantastic at the end of a day at the beach or the pool when water, salt and chemicals have tangled your hair. A few spritzes of this great product, and tangles are gone! But the true test of this wonderful product was the curly, played-in, then slept-on hair of my favorite ten year-old. Even after everything a ten-year-old puts her hair through, after a few sprays of this, the brush slipped right through the tangles. The bright pink and green bottle is marvelously-girly, portraying just the right balance of girly-fun with serious product. Finally, I LOVE the Yumberry scent! It will leave your hair smelling delicious ALL day long.

Is there anything worse than trying to comb through your hair after a shower, only to be met with snarls, knots, and tangles? Even the best conditioners always leave some behind, much to the annoyance of long-haired ladies all over the world! But now, thanks to Pretty Yum Thing's amazing detangler, My Locks Rock!, there's a simple, safe, and pain-free way to rid hair of those frustrating tangles. Geared toward teen/tween gals, Pretty Yum Thing is dedicated to creating good-for-you beauty products that are also fun to use. With eye-catching pink and green packaging and a delicious yumberry scent, My Locks Rock is a great way to get young ladies into the habit of taking good care of their hair from an early age. And not only does the product work amazingly well, but it contains all-natural ingredients and no sulfates, parabens or petro chemicals. With nourishing ingredients including essential oils, antioxidants, and the aptly-named yumberry (which is actually a real fruit that fights oxidation more efficiently than Vitamins C & E), My Locks Rock! will be a most welcome addition to the beauty regimen of any teen/tween gal. If she's wise, though, she'll hide it from her mom, aunts, and older sisters before they use it all up!

There are plenty of products out there for little kids and older women but nothing for the “inbetweeners," tweens and teens, which is why I was so excited for my daughter to try some of the Pretty Yum Thing products! The Pretty Yum Thing “My Locks Rock! Detangler” was another product that I have absolutely fallen in love with! I have the type of hair that needs to be brushed before, after and then multiple times a day in order to keep it from being tangled. It is like no matter what I do my hair naturally get tangled and turns into an afro-- that was, until I tried Pretty Yum Things Detangler. It left my hair silky and smooth after just a few days of using it and unlike other detanglers I have used in the past, it didn’t stiffen my hair or make it look greasy.

If there is a tween or teen girl in your life, you must have her try Pretty Yum Thing's "My Locks Rock! Detangler"! Packaged in a pretty pink and green spray bottle, this detangler is the perfect solution for tangled hair. Superfruit, Yumberry, is infused into every Pretty Yum Thing product. It is chock full of antioxidants and is full of vitamins for growing girls' hair and skin, but is still very gentle. "My Locks Rock! Detangler" smells fabulous leaving your hair smelling fresh and clean all day while keeping hair smooth. Made in the USA, "My Locks Rock! Detangler" not only smells good, it is good! Containing no sulfates, parabens, nuts or petro-chemicals, this product is effective and safe for your tween or teen! The tween or teen in your life will fall in love with Pretty Yum Thing's "My Locks Rock! Detangler" and believe me, so will you!

In case you're a parent of a "tween", or a young thing with longer hair, here's a brand for you both. Not locked into any pigeon hole, Pretty Yum Thing developed lines of skin/hair care for growing girls. That's not to say that boys can't use it. Or Mom, either, for that matter. The hair detangled, artfully called "My Locks Rock!" Detangler will sort out long hair problems in one comb through. Use it after shampoo and conditioner for maximum effectiveness. It's a snarl preventer, and once sprayed onto the hair, gets combed through from root to tip. It's a frizz fighter, too, so there are multiple reasons to love this detangler. One product in a line called "Pretty Yum Thing", My Locks Rock Detangler aims at a niche market, to be sure, but fulfills a need for anyone with long hair. The packaging is genius, too: pink and green, Preppy colors, appealing to a sense of girlhood whose Mothers grew up wearing Lilly Pulitzer and loving it.


Meet Pretty Yum Thing, A New Beauty Line

Designed Especially For Tweens & Teens

Introducing Pretty Yum Thing, a line of natural, gentle everyday hair and skincare essentials designed just for growing girls. Made with only natural good stuff, each one of the self-esteem boosting formulas is tried and trusted by an advisory board of real girls and their moms. Perfected by its creators who bring over 40 years of beauty industry experience, the New York City-based brand is sold exclusively at Harrods. 

Designed for young ladies who are too young for mom’s anti-aging products but too old for tear-free baby shampoo, Pretty Yum Thing features healthy, fun, all natural formulas gentle enough for the girls who use them during their challenging growing up years. 

Because what’s on the inside is even more important than what’s on the outside, there’s absolutely no bad stuff or negativity allowed! Yumberry, a real superfruit said to fight oxidation 50x better than Vitamin C and 20x better than Vitamin E, stars as the natural antioxidant hero ingredient at the core of every Pretty Yum Thing product. Super-gentle yet nutrient-packed, it’s a daily vitamin for growing girls’ skin and hair. There are also lots of other great IN-gredients (check out the list below). For the finishing touch, the products pack LOTS of positive energy. After all, what good is clean without confidence and self-esteem? 

What’s In – the good stuff What’s Out – the bad stuff

Yumberry Sulfates

Antioxidants Parabens

Natural Fragrances Phthalates

Gentle Ingredients Petro Chemicals

Essential Oils Nut-free

Hygiene Dirtiness 

Self Esteem Insecurity

Fun freshness Boring bathing

At last, pure, girl-empowering beauty products, that both parents and daughters can pinky swear by. Now, girls can get their clean on in a fun, fresh way, with products they really need and want, that are actually good for them, too. Pretty sweet! 

Available at: Clyde’s, Torly Kid, Open Sky, Harrod’s,

Everyday Gentle Hair Care 


How2: After cleansing and conditioning with MY LOCKS ROCK! SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER, spray this snarl preventer on top, sides and back of hair close to the roots. For super-thick or long hair, spray more liberally. Brush or comb through hair from the roots to the ends. Farewell frizz. Sayonara snarls. Hello, happy healthy hair! 

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