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Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Screen Scenes Meets Take a Trip to London with BORN TO ROYALTY by BBC Home Entertainment, Earning Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation Our Coverage Sponsored by Go Fish! and Go Brit! British fish + chips shops in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware

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From the time Prince William and Catherine Middleton became engaged, one question loomed large above all others: "When will there be a new royal heir?" And after their marriage in April, 2011, the question loomed larger than ever. Catherine's every move was scrutinized, and each photo of her was examined and re-examined in hopes of detecting a baby bump! Well, anglophiles finally got their answer in December, 2012, when it was made public that the happy young couple was expecting. To coincide with the royal birth, BBC Home Entertainment put together a fantastic 75-minute documentary, Born To Royalty. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey fame), this film is a fascinating and insightful look at how different generations of royals have reared their children and prepared them for their life of duty. As one might imagine, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were far more hands-on with their boys than royal parents in generations past, and it's truly fascinating to see the difference a generation can make in the style of parenting. While there are clearly marked differences between royal life and "ordinary" life, the film actually makes the royals seem more real, in a way - they, like the rest of us, are real people dealing with real family members - and changing with every generation! The documentary does a beautiful job of revisiting the past and laying the groundwork for the future, inviting viewers to imagine what kind of parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be! A thoughtful, insightful, and entertaining film from start to finish, Born To Royalty is yet another winning effort from BBC Home Entertainment!

Opening to a rousing cheer, William, Kate and their little George step out of the hospital to present the world with the new heir. Born to Royalty takes us behind the scenes into Royal reality. The line of succession in England reaches back to the Normans.  Brilliantly captured by BBC Home Entertainment, this history traces royal births and allows us insider background to parenting in the palace. Fascinating insightful footage, with narration by Hugh Bonneville better known as Lord Grantham, Born to Royalty will change the way we see the British monarchy. Princess Diana brought royal watching to the level of global trend, and with the advent of new approaches to press coverage since Diana, royalty became the superstars of every media. A newborn Prince symbolizes the continuity behind the throne of England, and in our modern press happy world, every step that young Prince takes can be documented. BBC Home Entertainment shows us history and the traditional distant parenting methods that had been popular until George VI took a different tack. Living in a bubble quite naturally creates a mystique. With charming still photography and videos, we see the magic, the logic and the deeply ingrained behavioral nature of Princes and Princesses. Born to Royalty doesn't debunk, but rather endears the British royals even more to us, a mesmerized public.

I have been intrigued by the Royal Family ever since I was a little girl and was thrilled watching Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles on television! I could not wait to see BBC Home Entertainment's "Born to Royalty" DVD which was just released this summer. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey, "Born to Royalty" is a must-see for anyone who follows the Royal Family. April 29, 2011 marked the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. Their vows in Westminster Abbey were witnessed by millions of people around the world. July 22, 2013 my six year old son and I eagerly waited for their son, HRH Prince of Cambridge to make his debut appearance. My son put on his crown and was mesmerized watching the event unfold live on "the tele"! It was really a special moment to share with him. BBC Home Entertainment's "Born to Royalty" is a detailed documentary marking the birth of HRH Prince of Cambridge and portrays the life that lies ahead for this little royal. This 75 minute documentary is absolutely captivating! Whether you are a Royal Family follower or not, this is one documentary you won't want to miss!

With the birth of the new King-to-be, the world has gone mad over the Royal Family again. BBC Home Entertainment has a brand new DVD out called Born to Royalty to feed into the frenzy. So if you are interested in learning about the past and current children who are born to rule, you will find this story captivating. It is interesting to learn how normal life could be for them but at the same time being groomed to be the leaders they will one day become. On the other hand, there is no normalcy, as an entire country rides on their shoulders. The DVD really captures the love that Diana had for her boys and the way she strived to nurture them to feel compassion and a sense of importance for all. It will be interesting to see where Kate and Prince William take their heir to the throne. Will she overcompensate for the fact that she was not born to royalty? Or will she raise her son more in line with the kind and elegant manner she seems to be. Or is there a carefully executed plan all in place? Well enough of that as this really is more of a tribute to these royal families. So get comfortable with some hot tea and feed your passion for all things royal!

Born to Royalty has earned our highest recommendation!


When Prince William married Kate Middleton on 29th April, 2011, millions of people watched the couple take their vows in Westminster Abbey. Nineteen months later when the couple announced that they were expecting their first child - a child that will one day take the throne of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms - the news made headlines around the World. In this insightful documentary, we mark the birth of the great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II with a fascinating portrait of the life that lies ahead for the child who is born to reign. Born to Royalty is a feature length celebration charting the history of the Royal babies born in recent times. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey).

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