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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TOP TEETH: If Going To Your Dentist Is Not Like Going to Your Spa, You're Not Going to Cosmopolitan Dental. Relaxing, Professional and The Best in Manhattan! Peachy Deegan Can't Stop Smiling About Dr. Garo Nazarian's Great Work!

When you're here, you know you're in the right place.  As you enter the office of Cosmopolitan Dental, home of Dr. Garo Nazarian and his accomplished staff, you definitely do not realize you are in a dental office.   You feel like you're visiting a friend.  A warm atmosphere with a candle burning, fresh flowers, a huge flat screen tv, an attractive pile of magazines and even a coffee machine await you in the waiting room.  It is most definitely the best waiting room in Manhattan.  It is immaculately clean as well.  Going to the dentist stresses a lot of people out, and Garo is both genuinely kind and smart to have such an appealing atmosphere.  Not every doctor gives up their summer vacation, EVERY SUMMER, to help less fortunate children overseas, doing volunteer work:

We guess a lot of you probably don't call your doctors or dentists by their first name, but we do since we went to college with him, and played softball in Central Park on our alumni team as well.  Peachy Deegan was not happy with the two dentists she tried before Garo opened his practice in 2006, way before Whom You Know.  She went to the same dentist for most of her life before New York, and that practice has worked on everyone in her family for at least the last half century or so.  Yes, when we find a good place we don't leave it.  It's not easy to find good doctors and dentists here in New York which has not only the best of everything but also the worst of everything, and a lot of people go on recommendations.  Consider this to be one of our strongest ever.  It is one of the most sincere as well, since Peachy was telling people to go there before she was Peachy.  Even one of her oldest friends who is another kind of doctor goes to Garo.  And now so do a lot of people from her hospital, and her mom too.  Garo even has earned the awards from outside sources that have not known him for ages:

Garo is super smart.  After BC, he graduated from Columbia Dental School.  His practice grows and grows every time we visit and that is every 6 months since he opened in 2006.  After one of his family members, Peachy was his second patient.  Her lipstick may be by La Prairie:
However, you can be assured this lipstick and no makeup or outfit will ever make you look as good if your smile is not at its best.  We get a lot of compliments on our teeth and we tell everyone where to go.  Don't you love your smile?

 Then take care of it here:
The Best Dentist in Manhattan 

Official Dentist of Whom You Know: 
Cosmopolitan Dental 
30 E. 40th Suite 1001 
212 683 1960

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