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Monday, October 7, 2013

Yumscents Gardenia Candle Recommended by Whom You Know!

I am a self-proclaimed candle addict. If I am home for longer than 5 minutes, you can bet that there's a candle burning in my apartment! Well, now, thanks to Yum Scents, I've fallen in love with a new candle - their 10 ounce tureen candle in Gardenia is downright addictive. The light, floral scent is strong enough to fill my apartment, without being overwhelming, and it's accompanied by just the faintest hint of a powdery scent, making it even more feminine and delicate. And, even better, all of Yum Scents' candles are 100% soy and made from certified Kosher wax made from domestically-grown soybeans containing no pesticides or herbicides. There is no dye or petroleum, so the candles provide a nice, clean, un-smoky burn. A definite winner in my book!

When in doubt, light a candle and take a bath. Your spirit will be lifted, your mood elevated, and your body will thank you for the treatment. It sounds so simple, and it's so very achievable. After days of battling the forces of the real world , finish up your week with a bath filled with warm water, and a lit candle in the room. It's the kind of luxury we can all afford, and makes a great gift, too. Yumscents makes a gardenia scented candle that will prolong your summer, and fill your dreams with magical scent. As an addition to any room, their candle will enhance the environment, and bring a sense of balance to any reality.

Yumscents Gardenia-scented candle smells fantastic! I especially enjoy the gardenia fragrance because it reminds me of a summer flower garden. The candle has a great scent, even when it’s not burning, so it provides a hint of gardenia throughout the room. Some stronger-scented candles can seem a bit harsh, but not so with Yumscents Gardenia! When it is burning, the scent is stronger, yet still a perfectly-balanced fragrance that fills the area with its amazing scent. 

I can never have enough candles but I am always disappointed when the scent disappears. I didn't have that problem with Yumscents tureen candle in Gardenia. The heavenly scent of Gardenia continues to come through after hours of burning. This soy candle burns for many hours too. Yum Scent candles are great for gifts and yourself, if course too.


Yumscents is a small business located in Hurst, Texas specializing in handcrafted, natural products for the home and body. We pride ourselves on selecting only sustainable, renewable ingredients for our products without compromising quality.

Our brand is unique because it is our very own; we formulate our lotions, soaps, body butters, cleaners, massage oils and body mists to ensure that all ingredients used are sustainable, renewable, earth friendly and contain no rendered animal fats.

At the urging of friends and family, we decided to market our product line at Farmers Markets where we quickly established loyal customers who have been extremely supportive! We thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to meet so many great customers and we continue to promote our products at local venues, as well as at wholesale trade shows across the country.

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