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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Haute Hotels: The Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boston Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Live Well at the Westin Copley Place and Enjoy the View.

Hotel Sweet Hotel

Can you see Peachy Deegan waving out the window of the 35th floor with a big smile on her face?  Whom You Know may be about the best of Manhattan, but did you know before Peachy moved here, she lived in the Back Bay in Boston?  We love Boston and have high hopes of getting the people in both New York and Boston to like each other, and when the Boston Bruins came on board we knew to head north because we also know quite a bit about Beantown, and we are thrilled about the Red Sox too.  Boston is strong and we are happy to help make it stronger in any way we can. 

World famous, most incredible, greatest hotel ever, in the city of Boston, the Westin Copley Place Hotel!!!  This is where you want to stay.  We knew of its fine reputation when we lived blocks away from it and for the years Peachy spent at Boston College as well; at BC there were events held in this ballroom for Peachy's class.  Of course, they were incredibly fun which is why we still remember...

As you may imagine, Peachy does not travel light.  When she arrived at the Westin Copley Place, she was dying to check in and Kyle Carpenter, Front Desk Supervisor, could not have been more pleasant and helpful.  For the duration of her stay, he was totally on the ball and always knew what was going on.  Two thumbs up, Kyle!
The lobby is also attractive:
The Westin Copley Place just had its 30th anniversary and to celebrate they've completed a full lobby transformation… adding the revolutionary new techno-savvy Tangent workspace, installing a Vertical Garden as well as a new gourmet fast-casual cafe concept called Ingredients; Their guest rooms were renovated in 2011 making their four diamond upper-upscale hotel essentially in brand new condition.

It is nice to feel welcomed, and although the Westin is a part of a big corporation-Starwood (normally we gravitate to brands where we talk directly with the owner), the personal touch at the Westin is attentive to personal contact and it has a feel of a small business because that's how much they care.  This is incredibly rare to find in a big corporate environment and is one big reason why you will love the Westin as well.
Of course we brought our Red Sox hat.  It is a miracle Peachy has remained unscathed wearing it on the streets of New York the past several weeks-but you wouldn't hurt a girl with glasses, right?  We turned on WBZ right away because Peachy was once an intern there...

Situated at the front doors of the Back Bay, facing Copley square the Westin Copley Place’s location makes it ideal for sightseeing as it is near legendary streets such as Newbury (shopping!) and Boylston, and connected by cross walk to the Copley and Prudential Center upscale shops and malls. The hotel features five restaurants on site, 24 hour room service, a full service Grettacole Spa and AAA four diamonds rated.

So, what did we love about the Westin?  Let us count the ways.
They have good Starbucks coffee in the room.  We did not realize how essential it is to have coffee in your room until you do not have it which did happen once before this year at a venue we will not mention.  (we did not forget it...)  Ample caffeine in the morning is essential to start your day and these little things make a difference.
We extend the same sentiment to drinking water. Essential to well-being.
Closet space.  There is a lot.  Peachy's clothes loved this as they live in a highly dense situation in New York.  She definitely could have brought many more clothes.
The room is tastefully decorated in classy shades of beige and the bed is so comfortable, you will not want to get up.  You may even come back and take a nap because you will miss it.  We did.  Plush goose down pillows, crisp cotton sheets and a fluffy duvet await you. We also liked seeing that there's a Bible in the drawer next to the bed.  We slept well and that is rare when Peachy, otherwise known to be like the Princess and the Pea, does not sleep in her own bed.  Entirely comfortable. We could fall asleep thinking about it right now it was such pure luxury, except we need to keep writing!
The furniture and lighting are well-designed and you may not want to leave the hotel room except for the fact that there is so much to do in Boston!  It is truly like a home away from home and every last detail is attended to.  They have newspapers-USA Today and the WSJ next to the elevator and we read them sitting in this chair.
There's a desk with a lot of space should you decide to do some work...and many outlets for everything in your life that you want to recharge!
Everything was spotlessly clean, an essential.  The bathroom was superb and the water pressure was good.  The shower had a nice handheld component too and the white tea aloe soap smells fantastic!  Towels were invitingly fluffy and the bathroom was spacious.  The robe was soft and comfortable. 
Westin is a “lifestyle brand” that focuses on “wellness in travel” we were told, and we can verify its accuracy. At the Westin when you work well, move well, sleep well, and feel well, you'll then be able to MFA well, Bruin well, Sonsie well and Durgin Park well for the full Boston experience. The Westin's mission is for every guest to leave feeling better than they had arrived and their service culture inspires associates to engage intuitively and proactively in order to recognize and respond to each individual’s needs.

When you book your room, we'd encourage you to get a room with the view.  Though we loved all other components, the view blew us away the most.  Instead of telling you about it, we will show you:
That's the library in the foreground and the hotel behind it.  The elevator says there are 36 floors-we stayed on the 35th.
Looking out the window...


Yes, definitely bring all your cameras (!) because you will want to take pictures of the view.
Just imagine how great it is when a Red Sox game is going on and you can see it from a distance...
Right now as the Westin pool is being renovated, guests are invited to use the pool at the Sheraton closeby, also part of the Starwood family.  We loved the pool!

Click below to read about a few of the things the Westin does really well and a few of the community events that they are involved in: 

· Fitness Gear Lending… get full array of workout gear delivered to your room.

· Running Concierge… join our staff for a 3 mile site seeing run on select mornings at 630am

· Web Cam… breathtaking real time views from our guest rooms

· Make a green choice, is our award winning environmental program

· Wedding to Remember, for the third year in a row we are about to give away a wedding to a military couple

· Thanksgiving on the Mayflower, since 2009 we’ve been feeding all of Boston’s first responders on Thanksgiving and have won ALHA awards for special events.

10 Huntington Avenue
Phone: (617) 262-9600

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