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Monday, November 18, 2013

NIGHTLIGHT: The New York Landmarks Conservancy's 20th Anniversary Living Landmarks Gala at The Plaza Hotel in New York, New York Thursday, November 14, 2013 A Smashing Success Says Whom You Know! HONOREES: Ann L. Buttenwieser * Joel Grey * Robert I. Grossman, MD * Mary Wells Lawrence * Brooke Shields William vanden Heuvel to Receive the Lew Rudin Living Landmark Award for Public Service

On Thursday, November 14, 2013 Whom You Know attended the New York Landmarks Conservancy's 20th Anniversary Living Landmarks Gala.  We are honored to work with the New York Landmarks Conservancy and over our five year history, theirs is the only annual celebration we've covered five years consecutively.  Their work is essential to Manhattan and its history and future, and they are one of the unsung heroes of our great city.

This year’s honorees were urban planner Ann L. Buttenwieser, legendary entertainer Joel Grey, Dean and CEO of NYU Langone Medical Center Robert I. Grossman, MD, advertising pioneer Mary Wells Lawrence, actor and author Brooke Shields, and Ambassador William vanden Heuvel will receive the Lew Rudin Living Landmark Award for Public Service.  

This event was hosted by Living Landmark Liz Smith, and music was provided by Living Landmark Peter Duchin and his Orchestra. Pat and John Rosenwald were Honorary Co-Chairs for the evening.   Do not miss the video speeches later on in this post!

The most iconic Landmark in NYC, the Empire State Building, lit up the skyline their colors, red and white, to salute NYC’s iconic Gala, the Conservancy’s 20th Living Landmarks Celebration on November 14, 2013.  The New York Landmarks Conservancy honors distinguished New Yorkers from all professions as “Living Landmarks” for their contributions to the City. The New York Landmarks Conservancy is dedicated to celebrating, preserving and protecting the iconic buildings and diverse neighborhoods that define this vibrant and extraordinary City. 

The Conservancy is the only private organization that provides both financial and technical support in this effort. Since it was founded 40 years ago, it has loaned and granted more than $40 million to help people save their homes and communities including cultural, religious and social institutions. These grants and loans have in turn mobilized more than $1 billion in more than 1,550 renovation projects throughout New York providing much-needed economic stimulus and supporting local jobs. No other group is engaged in such a hands-on way in sustaining the City’s rich architectural heritage. The Conservancy’s work generates employment, promotes tourism and enhances the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

This past Friday, we published a preview:

Coverage the past four years prior:




We highly encourage you to follow this dynamic group via all forms of social media:

Mary McFadden 

Ann Buttenwieser and Joel Grey 
Mary McFadden and Margo Langenberg  

The arrival of Brooke Shields: 

Brooke and Peachy.  She was nice to scoot down as even with heels Peachy is not tall.
Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling 
Check out the most Remarkable Real Estate in town:
Mover and Shaker Paul Binder and guest-we were delighted to sit next to him last year
Since then we've interviewed him twice and reviewed his latest book! 

Barbara Tober 

Ann Buttenwieser and Peachy 
Mary Wells Lawrence and guest

The speeches this year were so fantastic we spent a whole day putting them on video.  Do enjoy!

Peg Breen

Liz Smith

William vanden Heuvel

Ann Buttenwieser

Lesley Stahl introduces Mary Wells Lawrence

Mary Wells Lawrence

Dr. Robert Grossman

Brooke Shields entrance

Liz Smith and Brooke's current husband (!) -you must listen to this one he's hilarious- introduce Brooke

Brooke Shields

Chita Rivera introduces Joel Grey

Joel Grey

On Peachy Deegan
Dress by Halston
Hair by The Cutler Salon
Smile by Cosmopolitan Dental
Tights by Emilio Cavallini
Shoes by Paul Mayer Attitudes
Skincare and Lipstick by La Prairie

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