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Monday, December 2, 2013

Maison Lejaby Continues to Excel with The Gris (Gray!) Courtesan Collection, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Beautiful French Lingerie Since 1884! Don't Settle for Anything Less!

If you are American, and not all our readers are, you know how difficult it can be to find quality lingerie in America, and note we have never seen quality lingerie made in America. Mass-market stores produce garments made "overseas" -and we don't mean France as we're trying to infer politely- that can result in you not looking your best and feeling much worse. Even at great department stores and even boutiques in Manhattan it can be hard to find beautiful lingerie, and the most beautiful ones may not be in your size. American women, if you are not yet familiar with the concept that the best lingerie comes from France, you have not been reading our column Underneath it All long enough.  Today we highly recommend the Courtesan Collection of the Elixir line by Maison Lejaby in gray.  You need to emblazon this brand in your fashion radar when you go shopping.  
This is a new sophisticated line mixing embroidery scroll, spangled with a very soft satin stitch. Perfect for the end of the year or an exceptional opportunity, breasts are sublimated through the new form after the bestselling House Lejaby Crystal.  If this is what you're wearing Underneath it All, you will not have a bad day.  Ever.  We cannot emphasize enough how superior the quality is of this line.  Every stitch is perfect.  The materials could not be more luxurious.  The fit is perfect.  It is the best foundation for not only your outfit, but also your day.

Maison Lejaby was previously featured earlier this year.

We kicked it off with the Precieuse Collection:

and later featured The Manon Collection:

and also Kerala:

When we feature a brand for a second round like we are starting Maison Lejaby's second round today, you should feel even better about it. We've also interviewed the American agent for the brand, our friend Mover and Shaker Michael Rabinowitz, and hope to hear from designer Audrey Yvon-Cleaud because she is immensely talented. Here's the top ten list of what you should know from their website today, and do note we translated it into English so you understand but it sounds far better in French:

Lejaby house has 130 years of expertise and innovation in corsetry and bath, a historic guarantor of true expertise:
Exclusive use of fiber Lycra in 1972.
Launch of Cloud in 1995, the first invisible market.


Lejaby home offers an expanded range of corsetry and bath and is aimed at women of character who want to express their wealth, through three collections: the Main collection, the collection Elixir (generous breasts) and Couture collection (French luxury).


House Lejaby uses the finest materials from haute couture to make its products, real small works of art, such as Calais lace (lace Leavers) are the most prestigious in the world, silk embroidery or craft.


Lejaby house cultivates the art finishes that gives each product its identity, its uniqueness and its signature "Esprit Couture in French."


House and his team Lejaby style carefully studying the latest trends to make fashion collections and stained with creative rendering unexpected.


Creations Home Lejaby draw their inspiration from the spirit of women, bold, often sexy and sometimes very wise, in turn voluptuous or clean.


Each house Lejaby has a perfect fit and incomparable comfort, quality is exceptional.


House Lejaby has created dedicated to women with a busty who do not want to choose between maintaining and seduction Elixir collection.


The Bath House Lejaby collections are based on the forces Rasurel, his illustrious ancestor, who accompanies women in their quest for femininity since 130 years.


Lejaby house is the first French corset to have developed the innovative concept of private lounge, Salon Couture, Rue Royale in Paris, to live in his private clients and yet feminine.

The Maison Lejaby woman travels. The Maison Lejaby woman likes to leave Paris because it makes returning all the sweeter. A daylong getaway or the trip of a lifetime. For 2014, Maison Lejaby has chosen to continue its relaunch by reinterpreting three getaways. A woman's dreams and moments of pure pleasure.

Paris Orient Express (Couture Collection)

It is winter and she is running toward summer. In the bustle of the train station, she ponders the fine lace of the wrought iron – repetitive structures that forge castles of air and light. Quivering in her fur-lined stole, she boards a train whose blue lacquered cars are adorned with princely bronze accents. Proud and enduring coats of arms. A small cabin like a live-in armoire. Mahogany inlaid with precious materials. Seduction during the cocktail hour. Delicate pleats on tiny lampshades radiate subtle halos that never outshine the pink and orange light cast by the setting sun and the dazzling landscape the train rushes past. Lover for a night, a night of love.

Monaco Côte d’Azur [Monaco French Riviera] (Elixir Collection)

The Riviera is a dose of summer in the winter. She has left behind the fog and ice for the casual ease of a piece of heaven on earth. A sky sparkling with the sapphire hue of swimming pools and a radiant but mild sun that frees the soul of its burdens. She likes strolling through the narrow, animated streets sprung from a postcard. In a Vichy-checked camisole. Brigitte Bardot is never far. Time stretches out sensually over a languid afternoon. Seek out rare seashells from a rowboat or explore the exotic garden and its cactus sculptures by bicycle? Too late. She will go dance at the casino. Blackjack and mambo, twist and poker: her slate is full.

Méditerranée Porte d’Orient [Mediterranean - Gateway to the Orient] (Main Collection)

She sails to the outer edges of her dreams. The Gateway to the Orient at the end of the Mediterranean. The mythical Bosphorus, a frontier crossed by boat. The play of dark and light through lacy mashrabiya crocheted from languid marble. The fresh cotton that snaps in the breeze after an invigorating dip in the sea. Dazzling white. The nonchalance of long walks in the sand in the coppery light of endless evenings. Nights thick with heady floral perfumes under the warmth of multicolored lanterns. With an evanescent elegance, draped in bronze robes, she moves in languorous ripples. Free as the air, modest and mischievous as the sea. She is in love.

Maison Lejaby has been a driving force in French lingerie since 1884. As a trendsetter and innovator that stays in touch with women's needs, Maison Lejaby infuses all its collections with a couture spirit that reflects a true Inside and Out culture. Maison Lejaby lays claim to a unique know-how that balances creative audacity with the impeccable fit that earned the brand its reputation. The harmony of its designs, its graphic spirit and the daring combinations of beautiful contrasting materials give Maison Lejaby a unique style. Maison Lejaby is, now more than ever before, a true source of delight and emotion that makes women love their bodies and fully embrace their power of seduction.

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