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Monday, December 2, 2013

Moisturizing Shampoo by J. F. Lazartique Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! "Hello Gorgeous!" You Will Answer To, Or Rather, Your Hair Will When You Use This.

Brrrrrrr it is time to move to Florida, or is it?  There is so much going on in New York now we would hate to leave, so we must adjust to the chill upon us.  It is high time for us to begin preaching the gospel of MOISTURE, and may we say there is nothing worse than walking around with your hair suggesting you put your finger in an electrical socket.  You need to use a shampoo that moisturizes and cares for your hair properly, and one of our favorites is the Moisturizing Shampoo by - ooooh la la- the French brand J. F. Lazartigue!  S
hampoos clean the hair first, and, as they are of excellent quality when they are by J. F. Lazartigue, they also improve the condition of the hair. They include gentle, non-detergent cleaning agents with a high concentration of active ingredients. They contain a sequestering agent that neutralizes the harmful effects of limestone mineral deposits in water. 
The Moisturizing Shampoo is an ultra-gentle washing treatment. Its formula is rich in amino acids and botanical moisturizing agents, which endow the hair with restructuring and protective properties. 
The Moisturizing Shampoo has a spectacular effect on color treated hair. It leaves the hair silky and shiny, gives it volume and body, and reduces static electricity. It extends the color’s staying power and reawakens its brightness. We have tried this shampoo and have excellent results-just look at Peachy!

Directions to use: 
Spread the shampoo evenly over multiple points of the hair. Carefully massage the hair and the scalp and rinse thoroughly. Repeat with a second application, leaving the product on for a few minutes to improve the results. Always shampoo twice: the first time to clean the hair (eliminating 80-85% of the dirt) and the second to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients.

“Because nothing is too good for your hair, demand the best!” 

Based on the foundations of his experience of nearly 50 years, Jean-Fran├žois Lazartigue has endeavored to provide personalized, intensive treatments to repair, revitalize and strengthen the hair. Because each person’s hair is different, he has developed specific products to meet all needs and for all types of hair: pre-shampoos, shampoos, conditioners, hair color products, hair loss treatments, anti-dandruff treatments and more.

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