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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New York Notes: Whom You Know Highly Recommends New England Recording Artist Ashley Tucker! Not Only Does She Do Excellent Singing with the National Anthem But Also Rocks R&B!

It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and if you were a Perilhette with Peachy, how could you forget singing the National Anthem for the Hartford Whalers? (She was highly insistent that it should be a priority...)  We are always paying attention to who is and who is not doing a great job with one of our favorite songs even if we are there to write about the game.  This is how we discovered Ashley Tucker-at a Bruins game.  So now on our wish list to NHL Owners is to hire Kevin Dineen as Coach and hire Ashley to do the anthem!  New York venues, do your ears a favor and do not miss your opportunity to work with her-we are sure New England will share her.  Whom You Know recently reviewed Ashley's songs, which you can hear here:
Our panel (which does not include Simon Cowell, but Simon, we would be happy to have you!) raves:

Ashley Tucker is a name you will surely hear more and more of in the coming years. What an angelic voice she has! She is able to convey incredible emotion in each of her songs. What I love is that she has incredible depth in the kind of music she can sing from an easy listening perspective in “If,” to a little more R&B with "I’m Ready.”  And “Shook Up” has a little reggae influence and is a great listen.  "I’m Ready" totally got me pumped up and ready to go out and have a great time. All in all, I think Ashley Tucker has a great career ahead of her. Between her compelling and passionate voice and her good looks she is the whole package. So give Ashley and her music a listen and support her on Facebook.

This is a great listen, from start to finish! From techno beats to soothing sounds, Ashley Tucker’s CD is fantastic. Her beautiful voice – compare it to Rihanna or Christina Aguilera – carries throughout. The first two tracks are great beats! They’re perfect to get you hyped up for a night out, especially “I’m Ready”! She transitions well into the slower and much more emotional and serious “If”, which is delivered with such soul. Track 5, “Put to Side”, starts off sounding like it’s going to channel Adele, but it’s all Ashley Tucker and her beautiful voice powering through the lyrics. “Shook Up” is just perfect to get you grooving! Bottom line: This is a great CD with a great variety of songs, all highlighting Ashley’s amazing voice and fantastic range. I would definitely recommend checking it out.
She's got the look, and she's got the voice to attract a broad spectrum of this generation. With her exposure via the Boston Bruins alone, Ashley Tucker is reaching thousands, if not millions with her soft lyrical approach. As the voice for the Bruins, she gets to sing The National Anthem, and we all know that's not as easy as it sounds. Ashley's Facebook page will give you updates, so follow her. She also posts, with the wonder of up to the minute technology, her latest releases, so you can listen, and enjoy her range of talent. She can go softly reggae, or quietly pop, with a cutting edge lilt to her voice. If you're in the Boston area, you can find her in local clubs and night spots, to hear her in person. Play her music now, and let her voice carry you though a busy holiday season. Share it with your friends, and build a cult following. But you'll have to get in line behind the Bruins!
Vocalist Ashley Tucker is well-known in the Boston area, having sung the national anthem for the Boston Bruins, the Red Sox, and the Celtics. She also sings with the popular cover band, Locomotion. So, she's no stranger to New England music lovers. And, with any luck, the rest of the country will soon be hearing about her! I had the pleasure of listening to a number of her solo numbers, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Contemporary, catchy, and sung with great vocal panache, her songs could easily fit into the rotations on radio stations across the country. Equally at home on uptempos and ballads, Ashley's passion and excitement are evident in her vocals. Also commendable are her songwriting skills - she clearly has her finger on the pulse of what's popular and is able to create songs with a similar feel while still putting her own unique spin on them. In fact, her original song, "Weekend" was used on the Fox TV show, The Terminator, which I can only imagine is a sign of even bigger and better things to come! So, remember the name Ashley Tucker - you're sure to be hearing a lot more of it in the years to come!

I love listening to great music and discovering new artists. That is why I was excited to listen to Ashley Tucker's CD. This great 10 song CD will have you singing along in no time. Ashley has powerhouse vocals that stand out on each and every song. There is something for everyone on her CD from songs that make to want to dance at the club to soulful slow jams, you won't be disappointed. One standout is Tucker's girl anthem "My Look" that will have you turning up the volume and singing along. Tucker's strong vocals and R&B vibes remind me of Christina Aguilera. Get ready to groove to this fresh new talent. There is no doubt Tucker has a bright future. Support local music and check out the fabulous Ashley Tucker.
Ashley Tucker hails from Sutton, Massachusetts and is becoming increasingly popular for her talented singing ability. She's famous throughout New England for her rendition of the National Anthem, and she has performed for the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox in Venues like The Boston Garden and Fenway Park. Ashley has also had the fortune to record songs by Multi-Platinum writers Jack Knight (Diddy’s Bad Boy Records) and Jimi Kendrix (Jay -Z, 50 Cent) and we believe future success belongs to her as an R&B/Pop Recording Artist. Ashley excels in live settings, becoming alive once that microphone is in her hand.

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