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Monday, December 16, 2013

Stretched Canvas Flying Pig Screenprint Pillow by Eric & Christopher Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

It is not easy to find quality items made in America, and sometimes we get the impression from silly brand owners at trade shows that make their products "overseas" that they will move manufacturing to America when pigs fly.  Well, we are so glad to tell you that PIGS DO FLY thanks to Eric and Christopher and their amazing line of screenprinted pillows, which make fantastic Christmas presents.  They are soft and fluffy and have terrifically fun images that are sure to delight everyone.  WE LOVE THAT THEY ARE MADE IN AMERICA!

About the brand:
Eric and Christopher met while participating in an art show outside of Philadelphia, PA. At the show, Chris introduced Eric to a new art project he was developing titled "Push Pull Print" (2011). The show would invite 20 artists who were not screen print artists to convert their works into screen prints with his help. Upon completion, all the participating artists would showcase their finished pieces in a show. Eric accepted the challenge and through the process Chris and Eric were able to talk about their art and their businesses.  
Shortly after the completion of the second Push Pull Print project, Eric had come up with the idea to put his images on to pillows.  

2012 is when "Eric and Christopher" started printing and manufacturing. Through Eric's network of art shows and attending their first wholesale show together they sold over 1,000 pillows in their first 6 months. The business is quickly expanding with nearly 200 boutiques and retail outlets selling their pillows and tote bags throughout the world.

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