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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Terrific Takeout: The Marshal Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

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We meet a lot of restaurant owners, and all of them tell us they are great.  Do you really think they all are?  (We only publish on our positive experiences.)  Not all of them have a sincere passion for what they do with a lot of thought behind it however, but Charlie Marshal does.  One of the hottest newest spots in Manhattan right now is The Marshal and consider yourself deprived if you have not found this sparkling gem of Hell's Kitchen (neighborhood considered great by us as it is home to Joey Mullen, one of the best American hockey players that ever lived, Stanley Cup winner, and esteemed Boston College graduate!)
Charlie is extremely serious about his culinary pursuits, and is terribly thorough when he evidences what farms he uses-you can see a comprehensive list on their website.  Charlie is on the ball, additionally, and like our super awesome Black Irish cousin Rufino Lopez, Charlie grew up on a farm so he knows a lot about food.  For our green salad, we chose the Roasted Brussel Sprouts Salad where some are cooked and some are not but all are fresh and delicious.  Teamed up with croutons, caesar dresseing and parmesean, this is a smashing start.
The longer we do this, the less likely it is we're going to find something new that we like, and Peachy knows what she is looking for.   Charlie impressed us here too in the appetizer: Salsify Au Gratin.  This is absolutely to-die-for and our only Salsify experience in our life.  We can't wait to eat it again!  It is the best edible item we've seen in Manhattan recently (hold your horses if you are in Washington we are getting there it is a busy time of year!  We ate lots of good things down south) and the Salsify with Pennsylvania Swiss Cheese, Parmesean, Cream and Homemade Butter is highly addictive we surmise.  If you are like Peachy and think when you see this-what is salsify?-we suggest you read this here by our friends at the BBC.  If you leave this dish for Santa, we predict a big score for you.
Finally, for our entree we tried the Long Island North Shore Cod in Parchment.  Roasted seasonal vegetables, compound herb butter and white wine made this a substantial and healthy dish.  The poisson was fresh and flaky and done to our liking.  A solid choice.
The Marshal is Terrific Takeout!

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