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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

READ THIS: Mouseton Abbey Devised by Joanna Bicknell Written by Nick Page Published by Make Believe Ideas Our Coverage Sponsored by Maine Woolens

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The mice of Mouseton Abbey are chock-full of personality... and antics! Forgetful Lord Mouseton loses just about everything, ALL the time! On Cheesemas Day, he manages to lose the Great Big Cheesy Diamond, the family treasure that each Mouseton Abbey mouse gets to make a wish on each year. Lord Mouseton had playfully made his way through the entire Abbey before realizing he had lost the diamond. Every mouse in the Abbey drops everything... playtime, schooltime, preptime... to help Lord Mouseton retrace his steps in the search for the Cheesy Diamond. The characters are great; each one has a role and a personality and name to match! Beyond that, the illustrations are just fantastic! There is such wonderful detail on each of their outfits, and even though they're knitted, their little faces somehow evoke emotion perfectly matching the story. This is a great story that will keep everyone's wonders and imaginations alive!

Fans of Downton Abbey rejoice! Now you have something akin to our favorite BBC series in book form, just for kids. You'll so enjoy it too, as you read aloud of the adventures of the Mouseton Abbey clan. Brief, silly, entertaining, and beautifully presented, Mouseton Abbey tells of the 18th Earl of Mouseton and his family as they prepare for Cheesemas. Christmas to us, with all the bustle of preparation that we all know. The illustrations by Tim Hutchinson form a background to mice that were hand knitted and placed into each scenario. Their costumes will delight little people everywhere who love dress up. The mice themselves have such entertaining names that research will accompany each page, as you track down their provenance. Mice alone do not carry this gorgeous book, though. The concept, and its stately hardback form will impress. A book to keep, to share, to read over and over, Mouseton Abbey brings a bit of history into the classroom, and bedtime. Devised by Joanna Bicknell, written by Nick Page, and published by Make Believe Ideas, Ltd. all the way over in Merry Old England.

The Downton Abbey craze that has swept the country has trickled its way down to the children's book genre, and the results couldn't be more delightful! Nick Page's Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond, is a beautifully constructed children's book that pays homage to the famed television show while creating a fun and exciting story for children. Parents will love the Downton Abbey references, while children will adore the hand-knit mice characters placed in front of beautiful background illustrations, as well as the engaging story of the missing diamond. The basic plot is that it's Cheesemas at Mouseton Abbey, and every year at this time, the Great Big Cheesy Diamond gets passed around, and each of the family members gets to make a wish. But the diamond is mysteriously missing this year, and the race is on to find it in time! The story will have children and adults alike flipping the pages eagerly to discover whether the diamond is found, or if Cheesemas will be ruined. My 6-year old nephew absolutely adored reading the book with me, and I loved it as well. Highly recommended for children and adults alike!

The hit program Downton Abbey has caused quite excitement for the past three years. Now the show is inspiring many products and plays on the name. “Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond” is a delightful children’s book following the tale of family of mice mimicking characters from the show. All the mice are named after different kinds of cheeses which is adorable. From Lady Gouda to the housekeeper Miss Swiss, from Roquefort, Earl of Mouseton to Lady Fontina each member of the family is portrayed throughout the house. Set around Christmas time, I love the family tradition of wishing on the big cheesy diamond. Read to find out what happened to the Cheesy Diamond as it goes missing. Clever illustrations teamed up with what looks like photographs of the knitted mice, you and your children will enjoy the tale. 


Move on out, Crawley Family, there’s a new Lord & Lady in the Village! 

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of Julian Fellowes' Downton Abbey this autumn, Make Believe Ideas are set to publish Mouseton Abbey, the hottest children’s book of the season.

Meet the Mouseton family and their staff, who inhabit the many rooms of Mouseton Abbey. Every Cheesemas, the Mouseton family has a banquet, where each mouse gets a chance to hold the Great Big Cheesy Diamond and make a wish. Everyone is preparing for this year’s party, when Lord Mouseton, a very forgetful mouse, loses the precious diamond! Drama unfolds as the mice join forces to find the diamond before Cheesemas dinner is served. Will Cheesemas be ruined? Or will they find the Cheesy Diamond in time? Explore Mouseton Abbey to find out . . .

This traditional tale will appeal to those who like the finer things in life and makes the perfect present for fans of Downton Abbey. With beautiful, hand-knitted characters, ornate, illustrated backgrounds and Nick Page’s witty text, Mouseton Abbey will delight young readers and adults alike. It’s time for the whole family to discover why there is no such thing as an ordinary day at Mouseton Abbey.

About Mouseton Abbey: Mouseton Abbey was the brainchild of Make Believe Ideas’ M.D., Jo Bicknell, who was inspired by the cities of Paris and New York. On a business trip to the Maison & Object fair, in Paris, Jo came across a display of soft toys sitting down to dinner. On her next visit to New York, where Downton Abbey was the talk of the town, the idea clicked and Mouseton Abbey was born. Back in the offices of Make Believe Ideas, in Berkhamsted, England, Jo got to work, calling on a local ‘knitting army’ to bring the characters to life. The Mouseton Abbey characters have all been individually handmade by local mums and grandmothers and the stunning scenes in the book were created using a mixture of photography and illustrations by Tim Hutchinson.

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ISBN: 9781782356141


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