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Monday, February 10, 2014

Small Screen Scenes: QUESTIONING DARWIN, EXPLORES THE THINKING BEHIND MODERN-DAY CREATIONIST THEORY AND THOSE WHO REFUTE DARWINISM WHEN IT DEBUTS ON FEBRUARY 10TH 2014 EXCLUSIVELY ON HBO --- Encore Presentation on February 12, Darwin’s Birthday, on HBO2 Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

Charles Darwin
-all photography courtesy HBO-

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Everyone has heard of Social Darwinism, but do you know who Charles Robert Darwin was as a person?  And what do you think of evolution-do you believe it, refute the belief, or see it as a fact?  We've seen beaucoup de documentaries by HBO and we firmly believe they are the best in this genre, as they present views from all sides of issues and let the viewer come to their own conclusions.  Darwin was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey in London in 1882, but the controversy about his relationship with God and evolution is alive and well.  Darwin was alive in the era of the Industrial Revolution, and was quite courageous to develop new ideas based on his massive, diligent studies in Victorian Times when innovative thought was not necessarily appreciated.  Darwin marched to the step of his own beat.

We learn through HBO that Darwin was an inquisitive person; after his Cambridge years he spent five years sailing around the world where he developed his love for the natural world.  48 days was the longest he was on board and the rest of the time he spent exploring distant lands and discovering more species that were new to him.  He developed empathy for slavery in Brazil, and it's clear that he was a religious man though he questioned cruelty and suffering, wondering where it's derived from and how it's caused and whose fault it is.  Darwin was infinitely curious.

When he got to the Galapagos Islands, Darwin saw how species changed over time which was instrumental to his intensive research.  In days past only handwritten communication was available for Darwin to communicate with fellow scientists, and with help and support from his wife Emma he accomplished quite a lot at Down House.

Clearly, Darwin established the idea of Evolution in The Origin of Species (November 24, 1859), which is challenged by many Christians that seem to be of the new mega-church origin; we learn that there has been a 4x increase in mega-churches in the United States since the 1990's which surprised us.  There are not mega churches here in Manhattan that we know of and we are not sure there are any in the Northeast...and the thought processes disclosed in their thoughts of how the world came to be is quite interesting.  
We listen to stories of how individuals became intensely religious to overcome prostitution, drugs and cancer.  HBO shows us the Creation Museum, which disagrees with Darwin.  We had not been previously aware of it.

We think you can believe in both God and evolution and agree with the Bishop of Carlisle-There need be no conflict between the study of nature and belief in God...tune into HBO's Questioning Darwin to see other points of view that are sure to inspire discussion and thought.
We loved how Darwin never stopped asking questions.
Whom You Know Recommends Questioning Darwin, Exclusively on HBO!
They are the best at documentaries.

Literal and creationist interpretation of the Bible is the fastest-growing branch of Christianity in the U.S. and around the world, with 46% of Americans believing the Genesis account of creation is the literal truth. Directed by award-winning British documentarian Antony Thomas (HBO’s For Neda), QUESTIONING DARWIN takes an in-depth look at the views of creationist Christians, who reject Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, while also examining how Darwin handled the question of God as he developed his theory of natural selection in the mid-1800s. Featuring interviews with Darwin historians and biographers, ministers and creationist Christians, and Darwin’s own words through his letters and writings (voiced by actor Sam West), the film is a balanced examination of a 150-year debate, which has only increased in the last two decades with the rise of evangelical Christianity in the U.S.

QUESTIONING DARWIN premieres MONDAY, FEB. 10 (9:00p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO. The film will also re-air on HBO2 on WEDNESDAY FEB. 12 (8:00pm on the International Darwin Day and also Darwin’s birthday.

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