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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chez Peachy: GelPro® Introduces NewLife™ Bio-Foam Comfort Mat Line With the Launch of the Industry’s First Bio-Foam Mat Made from Renewable Resources, GelPro Continues Innovation and Development of Ergonomic Flooring Solutions Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Designed and Assembled in the USA!

Who knew a mat could be so exciting?  You know from our four columns on shoes that Peachy has pretty picky feet, and they like to be pampered as much as possible (and they are in their Paul Mayer Attitudes!).  Peachy's feet take her all around Manhattan, finding the best of the best to tell you about, and when they walk in the door, they need some relief.  Introducing the latest and greatest by our friends at GelPro®: the NewLife™ Bio-Foam Comfort Mat Line With the Launch of the Industry’s First Bio-Foam Mat Made from Renewable Resources.  Ta da!
That mat is smiling at you, in case you can't tell.
GelPro®, the world’s leader in comfort flooring solutions, we are excited to say has introduced NewLife, the world’s only Bio-Foam® comfort floor mat line. NewLife joins GelPro’s original 100% gel core mat collection, and the new GelPro® Plush line, a premium mat that combines therapeutic gel and supportive foam for luxurious relief while standing on hard flooring.  Whether you are at home, at your country home, in your store or in the office, this product has a function that is sure to be coveted everywhere where American comfort is wanted.

“We’ve seen the immense impact GelPro mats have had on our customer’s lives, and heard how their time spent standing in the kitchen and throughout the home has become more comfortable because of our products,” said Robb McMahan, Founder and CEO of GelPro. “Relying on our comfort flooring experience with GelPro, we created our proprietary Bio-Foam from plant-based renewable resources, and engineered NewLife mats to offer customers both a durable and eco-friendly mat option for use in more high-traffic areas in the home.”

NewLife mats feature a solid one-piece construction comprised of Bio-Foam, and include a durable top-surface, resilient inner core and a non-skid bottom. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for its high traction bottom surface, NewLife ensures the highest level of slip resistance compared to other foam mats currently on the market. NewLife mats contain anti-microbial properties for protection and increased durability, allowing for placement on the floors of laundry rooms, garages, multi-functional workspaces and the kitchen.

In keeping with the environmentally-friendly nature of NewLife Bio-Foam, mats come in four earth-inspired colors: Spice, Stone, Midnight and Earth. A deep red-orange similar to the color of paprika, Spice is warm and welcoming. Stone is a neutral tone that brings to mind sandstone or a light limestone. A dark, eye-catching black with a brushed top-surface, Midnight is a versatile color that complements any room. Earth is a dark brown tone, which matches wood flooring of all shades.

NewLife mats are made in the USA and feature a limited lifetime warranty, which is an industry best. Currently available in two sizes, 20’’ x 32’’ and 20’’ x 48’’, NewLife and all GelPro-brand comfort mats can be purchased directly via the newly-redesigned website at or by calling 1 (866) GEL MATS (435-6287).

About GelPro
GelPro ® is the leading brand of premium gel-filled comfort floor mats. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for slip resistance, GelPro ergonomic floor mats are scientifically engineered with patented gel comfort technology that reduces the discomfort of standing on hard flooring. GelPro also features a durable and stain-resistant synthetic fabric surface, appealing to those who value comfort and style in their home. GelPro mats are relied on by the medical industry’s top surgeons and the nation’s best stylists. A must-have accessory, GelPro anti-fatigue floor mats can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, at several specialty retailers nationwide, on QVC, at or by calling 1 (866) GEL MATS (435-6287). The GelPro brand is owned and operated by Let’s Gel, Inc., a privately held company founded in Austin, TX. Stand in Comfort! ®

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