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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Perfect Fragrance for Spring 2014 is Coming Up Roses: Introducing Rosabotanica Eau de Parfum by Balenciaga Paris, Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Somewhere, upon a strange garden rich with unusual plants, whose fragrances meld into a unique scent, reigns the fairest of all roses from which skillful craftsmen distilled the most precious of all perfumes...We are thrilled to introduce Rosabotanica!
Although the temperature in New York could be more cooperative and reflective of the season, Spring is officially here according to our calender and at Whom You Know we've been seeking the best across the board to catch your eye and uplift your senses that have been suffering from acute winter doldrums here.  Scent is one of the best methods to put a spring in your step so to speak, and Rosabotanica by Balenciaga Paris is at the top of our list.  Oozing sophistication, 
Balenciaga’s new fragrance Rosabotanica is a symphony of scents based on a very contemporary vegetal rose accord, a fresh and bright rose with a racy and luminous character. It is a decidedly modern, feminine and sexy fragrance, designed to be worn as a second skin. The Rosabotanica woman is spontaneous and natural. She is not afraid to unveil her emotions. She exudes a natural radiance, an aura that captures the attention and captivates the people around her.  This is not a rose of yesteryear: this is fresh, innovative, delightful, and deserving of a place in your perfume library.

Rosabotanica was artfully concocted by master perfumers Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault. They defined it as “an enchanted spicy vegetal rose, sublimated and lightened up by citrus drops and white woods”. It is a complex formula, a delicate alchemy of scents that combine into a subtle harmony.  
The spicy and incisive head notes of pepper and citrus are tempered by a vegetal counterpoint of green and milky fig leaves. The heart note comes from the experimental rose accord that underscores the fresh and bright qualities of the flower. It is facetted with a contrasted arrangement of green hyacinth and slightly camphorated cardamom. Root notes of white wood and amber bring a rounder and more intimate nuance, an enveloping sensuality that grounds this potent blend.  Rosabotanica is decidedly sophisticated, adding a complex, inviting allure to the women who wears it.  It transitions from day to night easily.

The bottle itself is a unique artifact, celebrating the rich and contrasted nature of Rosabotanica. The cap and the oversized tube are resolutely contemporary, a black and white ode to sobriety. Conversely, the flacon is adorned with a vivid and intricate bouquet of exotically shaped flowers. It stands for the encounter between two worlds, a poetic union of opposites. The enfolding case retains the striking flower patterns of the bottle.

Such a precious elixir deserved a worthy guardian angel. And who better than Kirsten Stewart could have embodied this natural and bewitching woman? The young American actress possesses this unique combination of modernity and romanticism that perfectly reflects the Rosabotanica fragrance. For the Rosabotanica campaign, she was shot by Craig Mc Dean, the acclaimed British photographer renowned for his masterful portraits of celebrities.

Rosabotanica Eau de Parfum is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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