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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bottega Organica Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum Recommended by Whom You Know

Age defying and natural… what could be better??? The list of fantastic things about Bottega Organica’s Autumn sage Ultra is long, but I will try to summarize them for you. For starters, Bottega Organica uses not just natural ingredients, but – as their name would suggest – organic ingredients. For those of us who aren’t quite accustomed to using serums, it may seem a little oily upon first application. As the instructions say, let your skin absorb its nutrients overnight. If you give it this simple overnight chance, you will see it work its magic. Using French lilac harvested by Bottega Organica and organic sage, this solution is wonder-serum for the face! The scent is nice, yet somehow surprising – it reminds me of light, natural cocoa, though this isn’t one of the ingredients. Who would have thought that, what sounds like such a simple list of ingredients could provide such wonderful results to your skin? Bottega Organica has certainly perfected this recipe for fabulously nourished, youthful skin!

You will quickly move Bottega Organica beauty products to the top of your daily skin care list. This product line is based on genetic research on aging and was created by collaboration between physicians and a geneticist whose interest is anti-aging. I knew I was in for a treat when I was impressed by the clean and simple elegance of the package which uses vegetable ink printed on recycled, plant derived paper. I began my nighttime beauty routine with Bottega Organica Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum. This serum has a lovely light texture yet it is packed with moisture and is ultra concentrated in anti-aging molecules. It contains extracts enriched with the bright red flowers of prawn sage and the violet flowers of French lilac. The products come fresh from family owned land in the coastal regions of Liguria, Italy, where rare herbs and fruits with anti-aging properties grow wild and are cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, following a family tradition of many generations. The product line is 100% organic, without any preservatives, artificial fragrances, emulsifiers, colors or synthetics of any kind. I used the serum followed by nourishing face oil and was so pleased with the results I simply must recommend you try this immediately. My skin was visibly smoother, felt softer and dare I say looked like perhaps the clock had turned back time a tad? This is a wonderful, pure product line that does what it claims to do.

If you're looking for a fantastic product that is scientifically proven to help maintain the appearance of youthful skin, but is 100% natural, Bottega Organica's Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum is the product for you! Based on the research of world-renowned geneticist, Dr. Andrea Alimonti, Bottega Organica's products all contain unique anti-aging plant extracts infused in pure, extra-virgin olive oil from their farm in Liguria, Italy. The Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum is a simply amazing product. It is made with extracts of prawn sage and French lilac, and has a mild, soothing scent. Just a drop or two is all that is needed to cover your entire face, and it glides on easily. It is recommended that you apply it to dry skin after cleansing at night, to allow the serum to be fully absorbed into the skin and let the anti-aging ingredients work their magic! I've only been using it for a few weeks, but already, there is a drastic improvement in the quality of my skin. It's brighter and more vibrant, with a definite glow. And even better, I feel fantastic about putting the serum on my skin - there are no chemicals or dyes, and no unpronounceable ingredients; it's perfectly pure and natural. A definite winner of a product - and one that will definitely be a regular part of my beauty regimen going forward!

Every woman is always searching for the fountain of youth, as am I. Unfortunately I still have not found it, so I need to make sure the products that I use are the very best. I absolutely love the products from Bottega Organica which uses science and nature to combine the finest ingredients Mother Earth has to offer to make the best superior solutions for younger healthier skin. I can't get enough of their Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum. This amazing products packs its anti-aging punch from cold pressed olives which are infused with plants and herbs to create a natural remedy to the effects of time. Autumn Sage Ultra Concentrated Face Serum can be used at night after cleansing. It contains extracts from the bright red flowers of prawn sage, and violet flowers of French lilac. Led by Dr. Andrea Alimonti, a world renowned geneticist, research has been conducted showing that it is indeed possible to rejuvenate human cells by using certain plant extracts. These extracts and ingredients are only the best, coming from Bottega Organica's farm in Liguria, Italy where everything is grown wild without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I am completely in love with this fresh and powerful serum.

Serums are meant to penetrate, and absorb into the skin deeply, efficiently, and lastingly. Bottega Organica makes a serum that incorporates flowers that bloom only twice per year, and with extracts of those blossoms suspended in a rare oil. Ultra concentrated Face Serum, in Autumn Sage even has a “best by” date, because of the purity of the ingredients. Grown and harvested on their own farm in Liguria, Italy, and culled from France, the flower and plant extracts in here are: prawn sage, and french lilac. They are suspended in a home grown cold pressed olive oil, glycerin and water base, to increase the effectiveness of the anti-aging effects of the sage. When you use this luxury serum on your skin, you will notice the freshness, the air of immediacy that happens when it touches your face. Meant to be applied at night, and followed by one of their oils or balms, the Ultra Concentrated Face Serum can perform in a restful environment. The discoveries by Dr. Alimonti, the instigator behind the idea of of Bottega Organica, began with cancer studies. In his search for cell therapy, the good Doctor, a molecular geneticist, found anti-aging properties in certain plants. Blended with natural olive oil and other natural carriers, the plant formulas prolong the lifespan of human cells, by slowing the aging process. Thus, a unique and organic line of skincare was born. It’s a treat, and the uplift from the scent of nature will calm you all by itself. Think positive thoughts about your skin, and use something wonderful to stem the tide of the incoming years ahead. You’ll notice the difference in your skin texture, and it will help you through those odd moments of rough patches that weather changes seem to bring about.


While studying anti-tumor therapies, molecular geneticist Dr. Andrea Alimonti developed a screening method to detect the anti-aging properties of natural ingredients. 

Dr. Alimonti screened thousands of natural substances for anti-aging properties and identified a handful of “Natural Inhibitors of Senescence” (NIS): natural substances with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. Tested on human cell lines, these substances prolong cellular life and slow aging by inhibiting different types of cellular senescence and rejuvenate cells by regulating genes. The most active NIS is one of the over 900 species of sage: salvia haenkei.

In 2011, Dr. Alimonti and a group of doctors founded Bottega Organica™, to create a revolutionary line of 100% organic, all-natural skincare products with proven anti-aging activity. 

Under the direction of Dr. Alimonti, optimal concentrations of powerful anti-aging medicinal plants (NIS) are blended with pure Ligurian olive oil, rich in anti-oxidants and natural vitamins. The same NIS, including powerful concentrates of salvia haenkei, are blended into proprietary formulas of non-oil based, hydro-soluble, vegan serums. These two natural vehicles, extra-virgin Ligurian olive oil and non-oil based serums, effectively deliver NIS activity (natural rejuvenating molecules) to the skin.

In keeping with a strong commitment to natural ingredients Bottega Organica tends to several hectares of fertile, uncontaminated land in the coastal regions of Liguria, Italy, where herbs and fruits with anti-aging properties grow wild and are harvested naturally, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

At Bottega Organica we use the purest and finest organic ingredients harvested from our own farm. Olives are cold pressed to create the base for our rejuvenating oils and we use steam extraction to obtain essential oils and flower waters from wild leaves such as lavender, sage and chamomile. Our research and development teams then creates unique anti-aging formulations which contain optimal concentrations of Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS) blended into natural oils or rejuvenating organic and vegan serums for optimal delivery to the skin. 

The doctors leading the Bottega Organica team believe that synthetic skin products carry health risks, are not planet friendly and do not offer the many advantages of fully botanical products, naturally rich in molecules with anti-aging activity. 

While many skincare companies claim to offer natural products, the reality is that the milky base of creams and lotions contains plastic or, at best, an emulsion with synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Day after day, those preservatives and synthetic emulsifiers penetrate the skin, reach the bloodstream and spread throughout the body with potentially harmful effects. This is why Bottega Organica does not produce creams or lotions and relies instead on the simplicity and safety of pure olive oil, organic and vegan serums and spring water.

· All Bottega Organica products contain a blend of NIS, scientifically proven by Dr. Alimonti’s proprietary screening method to prolong the youthful appearance of human skin.

· Our products are free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, flavors or preservatives. Our products are 100% vegetarian and organic and we use no petroleum derivatives and no synthetic ingredients.

· We choose to limit the number of ingredients in our products, favoring science, effectiveness and natural purity. All listed ingredients are harvested in our Bottega Organica farm, or are certified organic from known growers or are natural components of organic essential oils. Always natural, never synthetic.

· Our products are designed to create customizable regimens in order to increase their efficacy. 

· All Bottega Organica products are thoroughly tested under strict safety parameters, with no animal testing. 

· All packaging is recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper with vegetable printing. Our store at 117 Christopher street in NYC, NY was built with 100% reclaimed wood, recycled and recyclable materials and vegetable based paint.

For the past decade, Dr. Alimonti has been recognized for his research, publications and lectures in the area of molecular oncology. He worked for several years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY and at Harvard Medical School in Boston. He currently serves as Director of Molecular Oncology at the Institute of Oncology Research in Bellinzona, Switzerland and is PD Professor in Oncology at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Dr. Alimonti published several pivotal papers about the mechanisms that regulate senescence*. His discoveries will lead innovation in anti-aging strategies and skincare for years to come.

Throughout his personal life and career, Dr. Alimonti had a strong commitment to a holistic approach to medicine and his partnership with Bottega Organica gave him the opportunity to use scientific knowledge to uncover the anti-aging powers of nature.

Our cells are programmed by a “biological clock” that only allows a limited number of cell divisions. Cellular Senescence is the phenomenon where cells lose their ability to divide or replicate after about 50 cell divisions (also known as "replicative senescence" or the "Hayflick phenomenon"). Senescence cells become flat and stain positive (blue) for a typical marker of senescence known as SA-b-Galactosidase staining (Fig.1)1. Factors that can accelerate senescence include: radiation (photoaging), free radicals, metabolic stresses and oncogene (tumor causing) activation. Though they no longer replicate, senescent cells remain metabolically active and studies have shown that they can secrete substances that can cause aging in normal tissues2. Further studies have demonstrated that removing senescent cells provides resistance to age related diseases and decelerates tissue dysfunction3. This suggests that intervention that decreases the number of senescence cells in the skin or other tissues are effective in limiting the effects of aging. 

Radiation (photoaging)
Photoaging is aging of the skin (especially the skin of the face, ears, neck and hands) caused by over exposure to UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays can cause wrinkling by penetrating through the epidermal layer, increasing damage to elastin and collagen. Additionally, UVB rays are responsible for the formation of freckles, dark spots and precancerous lesions or skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays reaching the dermal layer and compromising the structural support of the skin. These rays can decrease the synthesis of collagen and elastin and can also lead to enlarged and damaged blood vessels often seen on the nose and cheeks. 

Free radicals
Free radicals are highly unstable and chemically reactive molecules generated by exposure to UV rays, pollution, infrared radiation and lifestyle habits such as alcohol abuse and smoking. Inside the skin, free radicals damage cells, their DNA, and other vital cellular components. Over time, free radical damage leads to visible signs of accelerated skin aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, discoloration, and even skin cancer. 

Metabolic stress 
Metabolic stress such as high-calorie dietary intake, especially from highly processed foods of poor nutritional quality - empty calories - can increase the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are responsible for DNA damage. Studies have linked calorie restriction and sound dietary habits to reduced ROS and slower aging. 

Oncogene activation 
Oncogene mutation or over-expression and loss of tumor suppressor genes can trigger senescence in human cells.

Natural inhibitors of senescence (NIS) are natural substances discovered by Dr. Alimonti and formulated according to patented technology (5) that have the potential to prevent human senescence. NIS can block different types of senescence, including the one known as replicative senescence, by slowing down the biological clock that defines the limited number of cell divisions. A decreased accumulation of senescence cells in tissue cultures has been shown to decrease the secretion of factors known to accelerate aging in normal cells. Figure 2 shows the effect of HAEN, one of the most powerful NIS identified by Dr. Alimonti, in blocking senescence. HAEN was originally discovered in a screening platform developed by Dr. Alimonti for the identification of pro-senescence compounds in Pten null cells with hyperactive PI3K/mTor pathway. These cells undergo a particular type of accelerated senescence known as PICS4. In contrasts to compounds that enhances senescence, HAEN was a strong inhibitor of senescence driven by Pten loss and was therefore chosen for its anti-aging activity. Cells treated with HAEN blended with natural oils and other anti-aging medicinal plants do not accumulate SA-b-Galattosidase (Fig. 2 right panel), which is a recognized marker of senescence. These cells remain younger for a longer period of time compared to control cells not exposed to NIS. Experiments done on human dermal fibroblasts, using passaging cells in cultures in the presence or absence of HAEN, demonstrated that untreated fibroblasts stop growing between passages 28-30. Cells, treated with HAEN however, continue to grow and duplicate. The number of senescent cells in culture also decreased by 50% when compared to control cells. These findings suggest that HAEN is an effective NIS that can slow down aging by counteracting replicative senescence. 

Of note, treatment of cells with high concentration of HAEN for up to 3 months showed no sign of toxicity on human cells. 
NIS are also effective in antagonizing accelerated senescence caused by UV irradiation. In these experiments, HAEN can block photoaging in human fibroblasts exposed to UVB radiations. The effect is already evident 24h after the irradiation of the cells as shown by the decreased percentage of SA-b-Galactosidase in cells treated with HAEN (Fig. 3). NIS can also change the gene expression profile of dermal fibroblasts (Fig.4). HAEN decreases the gene expression levels of IL1a in a three-dimensional model of reconstructed human skin. IL1 is the essential chemokine linked to skin inflammation. Moreover IL1 is essential in regulating paracrine senescence and experimental evidence demonstrates that cells lacking IL1 cannot enter in senescence when exposed to UV irradiation. Reduction of IL1 in the human skin protects it from inflammation and from the accumulation of free radicals. In conclusion, Dr. Alimonti’s proprietary formulas rich in NIS potentially counteract all contributors to accelerated senescence.


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5. Patent number: IT EP US BI4533R RM2013A000063 Inventor: Dr. Andrea Alimonti.

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