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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Introducing Alaska Pure Sea Salt Recommended by Whom You Know

Sea salt is sea salt, right? Well, not if you're talking about Alaska Pure Sea Salt! 
The first North American producer of flake sea salt, Alaska Pure Sea Salt produces its products from the pristine waters of southeastern Alaska, and the result is truly outstanding. The Original Sitka Flake Salt provides a gentle, light, fresh-tasting addition to countless dishes, without being overwhelming. One of my favorite uses for it is with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar to create a dipping oil for bread. It's so simple, but it allows the individual flavors shine and create an irresistible snack or appetizer! Highly recommended!
I believe the most natural ingredients produce the best flavors. That is why I have started using Alaska Pure Original Sitka Flake Sea Salt. This salt is hand crafted from the waters of Sitka, Alaska. It is also the first flake sea salt to be produced in the USA. I recently topped some fresh garden tomatoes with some olive oil and this salt, and it made for a heavenly snack!
Flaky can be a good thing. In the case of Alaska pure sea salt, it makes the salt. The flake, that is. And another thing: less is definitely more. Jim and Darcy Michener have hit upon a really good thing, and it was synchronicity. Hollow and packed with flavor, each salt crystal gives you its due. Use this salt as a finishing salt, or as an ingredient. Use less, and the flavor will go further that you can imagine.
If you are like me than you just love salt. Yes, in my opinion it's the best spice out there, the perfect addition to just about anything. I was so excited to try the original salt from Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. This handmade sea salt from the gulf of Alaska will simply wow you. This refined salt is just lovely on everything from french fries to eggs. I can not get enough of Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. original salt.
I love Sea Salt. Heck, I love salt in general and know that studies show that Sea Salt is much better for you. The flavor that is achieved with the Alaska pure sea salt is amazing. I prepared tilapia in a hot pot with cut up vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers in onions. It brought out the flavor in the vegetable and the fish and helped break down the vegetables to be perfectly tender and juicy. One of the healthiest and most delicious meals I have ever made. The sea salt made all the difference. 

Alaska Pure Sea Salt is handcrafted in Sitka, Alaska using sea water from the Gulf of Alaska - a pristine source second to none. Our salt making process took seven years to perfect. We enlisted the advice of three James Beard Award winning chefs before bringing it to market. The light delicate texture of the pyramidal flake brings a pleasing crunch when added to food and the flavor is gentle, not assertive. Alaska Pure Sea Salt finishes cleanly on the palate with absolutely no metallic or bitter aftertaste. Using Alaska waters to make the first finishing flake salt from the Americas makes our salt unique, but the flavor, texture, quality and consistency of Alaska Pure Sea Salt makes it outstanding.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. started early one morning in April of 2000 in a remote Alaska cabin. While celebrating our first anniversary, we woke to find salt forming on the surface of a pan of sea water we’d left on the wood stove. We were intrigued.

Each spring, we return to the same cabin to celebrate the last year and plan for the next. One evening, while sitting by the campfire, we realized we could not resist this discovery and had to create more salt. We were committed.

Back home in Sitka, Alaska, we spent years lugging jugs of sea water up a steep harbor ramp. We survived backaches, headaches, and probably could have used some marriage counseling. We experimented, tested, and refined batch after batch. Finally, we created the right balance of science and artisanship that resulted in the perfect flake salt.

It didn’t take long to gain the support of some of the nation’s best chefs. We felt like proud beaming parents. Now, we are even more proud to offer it to you.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt is created with a passion for great food, wild places, the pristine Alaska waters and, of course, each other. We hope you enjoy our salt with as much enthusiasm and we have producing it. 

Jim & Darcy Michener

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