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Monday, May 12, 2014

KEEPING AMERICA ON TOP: WHOM YOU KNOW CELEBRATES AMERICAN STYLE INTELLIGENCE and EXCELLENCE with Steele Canvas as They Make Their Whom You Know Debut! The Standard Tote Bag #188 by Steele Canvas is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! A bag that can carry more than you. Since 1921!

As time goes on, we get more and more disappointed at how difficult it is to find premium American-made manufacturers and we are immensely delighted to tell you about the newest one to us: Steele Canvas, though it is not new: they began in 1921.  There are a lot of bags out there, and we've got stuff.  You've got stuff.  You need a bag to last.  We get a new bag every time we go to a trade show, so Steele Canvas, there's a business opportunity for you because Peachy does check the tag to see where it's made when she's given one and always asks, "Why aren't you using a manufacturer made in America?"  We have a pile of bags with tags saying made "overseas" (that's what people that want to be politically correct say though it should be more important to them to support the American economy than to be politically correct), others with tags that say "Made in China" and we can assure you that getting genuine crocodile bags from Italy is not the issue.  The issue is everyone needs quality practical bags that last, and this hot number made in AMERICA has proven to be super durable as well evidencing the fact that Steele Canvas has been kicking it since 1921.  We are also psyched to say they are from NEW ENGLAND, because we are too.  Steele reminds us of Bob Steele from WTIC 1080.

Plastic bags break, and they are bad for the environment.  Canvas bags are amazing.  This white one goes with every outfit except maybe a ball gown, but if you were in a ball gown you should have the person coming with you carry your stuff!  The Steele Canvas bags are also pretty preppy which always earns two thumbs up from us, and this would be even more superb if it was monogrammed.  We have that variety from a company made in Maine but feel that this Steele Canvas bag is made better.  
With reinforced handles for safe carrying, the White Canvas 188 will hold your heaviest bundles without tearing while its boxed bottom allows it to stand upright for easy filling. 

This tough tote is ideal for armored car companies, utility companies and home use.  Peachy found out you can fit a lot of pairs of shoes in it!  And for summer, it would be great for the beach.  
Some sizes available in Black Canvas and a variety of colors of Steeletex™  If you so desire, it is a
vailable with an Army Green Canvas bottom for additional strength.  It's really a
 bag that can carry more than you.  
Over the years, Steele has made a number of different bags: Mail Bags, Ice Bags, Glove and Sleeve Bags…though hands down, the #188 tote remains their most popular. The industrial weight natural canvas keeps this tote bag open for business all day long. Even after years of use, the #188 stands firm and is ready to haul a 100 lbs. of, well, anything. In some industries, it’s still referred to as a Coal Bag for its ability to get a dirty job done, day in and day out, but we like that it protects all that you carry and keeps it clean.

Steele Canvas Basket
An American Manufacturer since 1921

Change is good; Steele Canvas is better. 

Steele Canvas Basket Corp. has been manufacturing tough as nails industrial canvas products since 1921. Over the past 93 years, entire industries have come and gone, though the products and services offered by this American manufacturing icon have remained relatively unchanged. 

“Staunch. Dependable. Durable.” 

That’s how Steele Canvas Basket advertised itself and its products back in the 1920’s, and the same holds true today. In this global economy, it’s good to know there’s still an American manufacturer out there that has our back, and our laundry and our tools and whatever else we need it to carry. If it’s built by Steele, it’s built to last.

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