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Monday, May 19, 2014

WAHL® CONTINUES TO GROW MASSAGER LINE FOR CUSTOMIZED RELIEF – New massagers take pain management personal –Hot-Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack Recommended by Whom You Know

As an avid tennis player who plays three to four times a week, I have a body that gets beat up. My shoulder gets sore. My knee is a little tender. I now have the perfect fast recovery system with Wahl’s Hot-Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack. To take down the swelling on my knee I turn it to cold. Immediately the inflammation is reduced and I am back to full speed. When my shoulder is tired from serving, I lay down at night and use the heating massage. Perfect for my tennis elbow as well. This is the most versatile massager I have ever used and now I cannot live without it.

Whether you’re an active sports player or sit at a desk all day (or both?), you will love Wahl’s Hot-Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack. I carry all my tension from my desk job in my right neck and shoulder area, and was in need of some relief! I heated the gel pack and wrapped the velcro sleeve around my shoulder area and settled in for some relaxation. It took a little while to get the heat in the pad just right – you need to work in small increments until you figure out what works with your microwave. Once it was heated perfectly, I just relaxed and let the heat and the battery-powered massage pack work its magic. The result was a tension lifter that has quickly become part of my stress-relief routine. I also coach kindergarten soccer twice a week and recently took some kicks in the ankle and shin. When I got home, I was VERY thankful I had left the gel pack in the freezer. The cold pack soothed my bumps and bruises perfectly.

As far as gel packs go, this is a nice one. First, the gel pack itself comes out of the sleeve readily so that you don’t need to put the whole thing in your freezer or microwave which could lead to inconvenient, hard-to-clean food stains on the gel pack. The sleeve itself is durable and washable. The pack can go straight from the freezer and into the microwave, so you can keep it cold all the time but have it warm at a moment’s notice.

Pack this little guy in your suitcase to take on trips, and you’ll pat yourself on the back, literally. Wahl’s Gel Pack is small enough, and practical enough to take inside your carry-on luggage for using on the plane, or after the flight. Since one of the best ways of combating travel fatigue is massage, this is your instant solution. It’s formulated to be either hot, by popping it in a microwave, or cold, by leaving it inside a freezer for a few hours. Whether your problem is tension, a pulled muscle, or overall wear and tear, the small vibrating element of this Therapeutic Gel Pack will solve a myriad of ills. And, I might add, it’s something my Mom would have bought for me, had she found it first!

Eight in 10 people experience aches and pains, however, where it hurts, how often and why play a big factor in selecting the right pain management solution. With this in mind, Wahl, the inventor of the electric massager, is giving those in pain the personal attention they deserve—as in a series of hand-held massagers that cater to specific pain points and conditions. 

“Pain is something most people experience, but everyone experiences it differently,” said Jenny McLaughlin, product manager for Wahl Therapeutic Massagers. “Our massagers are designed to target specific areas, which means people can really zero-in on where it hurts.” 

According to a 2013 online study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Wahl, 80 percent of Americans experience muscle and joint pain. Three out of four people in pain suffer in three or more places. 

To help those in need, Wahl’s line of therapeutic massagers now offers greater customization with the addition of temperature therapy massagers, a growing number of interchangeable attachments that pinpoint pain spots and products that combine multiple treatments into one product.. 

Wahl’s latest pain management solutions include:

Hot-Cold Therapy Massager – Wahl’s new temperature therapy massager provides soothing massage with hot and cold temperatures, helping to increase circulation and reduce swelling. Interchangeable attachments and speed settings allow for additional customization. 

· Hot-Cold Therapy Gel Pack – Unlike conventional hot/cold packs, this first-of-its-kind product combines temperature therapy with massage to provide a more comprehensive approach to pain relief. It also offers Velcro straps for hands-free relief.

· Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager –The Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion massager supports active lifestyles by offering both all-around and targeted muscle relief, even deep down. Its combination of superior power-- up to 3,350 pulses per minute—four interchangeable heads and variable intensity control allow for a heavy-duty massage and customized relief. 

In addition, Wahl has enhanced two of its most popular massagers to provide more customized relief. The Wahl All-Body Massager now offers additional attachments to relieve pain and fatigue while the rechargeable, travel-size Flex Therapy Massager has been redesigned to specifically target the neck and shoulders. 

Wahl Massagers are available at select retailers nationwide. For more information about Wahl massagers and the benefits of hand-held therapeutic massage visit or follow Wahl on Facebook and Twitter.

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